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15 Fulani Braid Hairstyles That Will Help You Stand Out This Season

15 Fulani Braid Hairstyles That Will Help You Stand Out This Season


You probably are a bit late to the party if you’re just hearing about the Fulani braid style. With origins from the Fulani people, this hairstyle was first made globally trendy in 1977 by actress Bo Derek when she featured in Michael Anderson’s horror film, Orca.

If you don’t know who Bo is then you can’t be unaware of Alicia Keys’ signature hairstyle which she used to capture our attention when she first came on the scene in 1996. As the name implies, this cornrow hairstyle has its roots among the Fulani ethnic group which spreads across countries in Sahel, West Africa, Central Africa and beyond. The Fulanis are known for their long, silky hair texture and the way they style it in intricately woven cornrows.

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Styled in many unique patterns, Fulani braids come in varying narrow thicknesses and lengths and can be accessorized with beads, cowries and ethnic rings. It might be intimidating to walk out the door with loads of beads and cowries on your hair but that’s where the versatility of these braids come in as they can be pulled off in a million ways.

Literally, anyone from kids to teenagers to much older women can rock the Fulani braid look. But if you’ve never been a fan of cornrows or skinny cornrows in general, Rihanna’s beauty look at the British Fashion Awards will definitely convince you to go for it. The singer cum designer rocked the Fulani braid style with her mint-green ensemble and the whole internet flipped because Riri can do no wrong. The Fenty queen totally sparked up the red carpet with her look and we’re so here for it! #christmashairloading

If you’re thinking how long do Fulani braids last, here’s a clue: Wearing a protective hairstyle like this gives your scalp the liberty to finally breathe but bear in mind that keeping those braids on for more than six weeks could lead to your edges falling off or a general hair loss experience.

Give the wigs and weaves a break and let a professional hairstylist help you create the Fulani braid look that will garner you the right attention this Holiday / Christmas season.

Check out these beautiful 15 Fulani braid inspirations…

Beaded Fulani Braids

Justine Skye

Centre-parted Fulani Braids


Ombre Platinum Fulani Braids

Massy Arias

Traditional Side-Drop Fulani Braids


Ponytail Fulani Braids


Bun Style Fulani Cornrows

Husna Maolid via @braidsgang

Extra Long Fulani Braids


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