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Mental Mondays: 10 Simple And Effective Ways To Reclaim Your Happiness

Mental Mondays: 10 Simple And Effective Ways To Reclaim Your Happiness



hen it comes to dispensing nuggets on how to be happy, it gets tricky. That’s because happiness is often relative. While hiking could make you happier, another person would cuss out all through the experience. The pursuit of happiness is a real-life situation we often face — whether it’s trying to feel better after a minor inconvenience or navigating life through major grievances. You might have lived unhappily for so long that feeling happy again now seems alien.

I’ve heard the saying that happiness is a choice, and there’s some truth in it although making feel-good choices isn’t always the easiest thing to do sometimes. It could range from choosing your favorite ice cream flavor and pizza toppings to removing yourself from relationships that bring out the worst in you. While one is an easy switch that might not require too much work, another could require crucial lifestyle changes and even the help of a therapist.

When pursuing happiness, the first thing to do is to consciously focus on the things that make you happy, and avoid triggers that lead to dismay. It’s true that this could entail a ton of things leading to a broad selection of what to look out for, which is why it’s important to take out the time for some serious soul-searching and allow it to lead you where you need to go. Once that has been established, you can then follow some simple tips anyone can take to feel happy again. Good for you that’s what we cover in today’s edition of SR Mental Mondays.

Check out 10 simple tips anyone can apply to feel happy again…

#1. Be mindful

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We get caught up in the fast-paced street called life but we often end up losing touch with the present. When reclaiming your happiness, start by practicing meditation which helps clear your thoughts and helps you realize your stressors. It’s hard not to think of the uncertainty of the future, but paying attention to the way you feel right now and staying focused on the present could help you unburden.

#2. Be grateful

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We can surf the internet to find out how to be happy again, but if we remain ungrateful, resentful, and ever complaining, chances are we’d never know true happiness. I learned the hard way that everyone has their issues. Some choose to bottle up (bad idea), and others train themselves to magnify the positives in their lives, while others step out of situations that no longer serve them.

The more you ruminate about the bad situations in your life, the more they choke up all your happy moments, leaving you a resentful and bitter person. Instead, focus on the good things as they help paint a better picture of your life. Consciously write the things in your life you’re grateful for, say them out loud, and remain grateful for them.

#3. Start exercising

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Exercising requires willpower, but once you’re done, the benefits are endless. Having a regular exercise routine has mood-boosting effects and helps build positive self-esteem. When you’re feeling down, the last thing on your mind is to jump on a treadmill, but it should be something to consider because of the enormous benefits it offers. However, if a treadmill wouldn’t cut it for you, turn on some music and dance your sorrows away. Don’t think about it too much, just do it.

#4. Focus on the things you love


One day, you wake up and realize you no longer do the things you love. You’ve become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle, and you don’t find joy in things you once enjoyed.

Although you might not feel like it, try them again. There’s always a nostalgic fulfillment that emanates from indulging in hobbies you truly loved. How to be happy again is to clear up your excuses and go to the beach, write poetry, listen to late-night radio, try karaoke, or whatever works.

#5. Avoid triggers

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There are situations, things, places, and perhaps people who trigger negative emotions in you, avoid them at all costs. There could be circumstances where avoiding the individuals would be impossible, like a co-worker. In that case, set boundaries, and limit conversations to the basic necessities.

#6. Experiment with new hobbies

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Change is a constant thing, and this means you might have evolved into a different person and some of your hobbies or interests no longer make you happy. It’s time to try out new things to spice up your life. They could have you looking forward to an exciting weekend or end-of-the-day plans.

#7. Look outwards

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The reason you might have gotten depressed and tired of life could be that you had been focused on your pain for too long. While that is valid, helping others has been proven to lift spirits and combat loneliness, anxiety, and depression. It reminds you that while there are things you’d wish to change about your life, there are people who want your life. This could bring you to a point of gratitude and humility.

#8. Make new plans

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How to be happy again and have a new drive is to set new goals. A project you’re passionate about could fuel your emotions once more. Imagine going to work, coming home, watching TV, and repeating for years. Then suddenly, you start an NGO and have to research, meet new people, help individuals raise funds, and have a new to-do list. If it’s something you’re passionate about, you might find satisfaction. They could be long-term projects broken down into daily tasks. The more you meet these goals, the happier you might feel.

#9. Meet new folks

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If you are an introvert like me, this will seem like a whole task. But if you consciously break the monotony of an anti-social life, there might be light at the end of this tunnel. You don’t have to become besties with them, but at least have common interests. No one is an island, humans are meant to thrive on healthy human connections, so make a new connection today. You could schedule a hang-out or jump on a call to touch base now and then.

#10. Change your environment

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Once you travel or have a weekend getaway, it’d surprise you how much you needed that escape. Often we realize that a change of space is all it takes to push ourselves out of inertia. This holiday season, consider spending time away from your usual abode.

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