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VERONICA ODEKA Is A True Boss When It Comes To Styling Skirts

VERONICA ODEKA Is A True Boss When It Comes To Styling Skirts


For those who may need an intro, Veronica Odeka is a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. The Lagos-based former model is also considered one of the top fashion stylists in the Nigerian fashion and entertainment industries. In 2016, she branched into the beauty industry with the launch of her own nail lacquer line “Vane Polish.”

As much as we would love to dwell on her entrepreneurial successes, we are actually more enamoured by her sense of style. In recent times, we’ve noticed that ‘Skirts’ aren’t really that much of a staple anymore. Of course, we realize that trends like the metallic pleat skirt have been in the trend pool for quite some time. However, these days, many women would opt for anything other than skirts even though there are so many different types of skirts to choose from.

Given the fact that the major problem with skirts is styling options, who better to show us super creative ways to wear them than the Queen of Skirts, Veronica Odeka. Veronica is among the 6% of females around the world who believe skirts are still pretty dope! The mother of three loves her some skirts and truth be told, we can’t name a single person who’s mastered the art of skirt styling more than she has.

Here’s a look at a few of the many times Veronica Odeka killed it in skirts…

Veronica Odeka

Photo Credit: IG | Veronica odeka

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