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10 Snazzy Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend

10 Snazzy Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend



he incessant vehicle hoots on a busy city day is inarguable because there’s such a thing as time and place. In such instances, loudness becomes the norm. But one spot where we wholeheartedly embrace loudness is in the audaciously bold fashion furnishings of our admirable celebrities and style stars. Week in, week out, the outfits scream class without the utterance of words.

These tres chic looks are the reason style ruts no longer matter. And on a weekend like this, when we’re set to let our hair down and serve stellar looks, there’s no reason we won’t turn to our mood boards to recreate these chic looks in service of our preferences.

Check out trendy celeb weekend outfits to recreate…

#1. Beyoncé

Photo: @beyonce/Instagram

Reinventing a new fashion and music style is no walk in the park, but nothing above Queen Bey’s pay grade. Beyoncé’s country era has brought publicity to the music genre, as well as a renaissance of the fashion fad. Simmering in a black leather full-on cowgirl outfit to the iHeartRadio awards, Bey cooked, ate, and left no crumbs. Here’s an edgy take on your next Moto fashion event to party like a rock star.

#2. Chloe Bailey

Photo: @chloebailey/Instagram

If there’s anything Chloe Bailey will do, it’s serve “bawdy” unprovoked. The singer wore a turtleneck midi dress with cut-outs on the shoulder that was a sight. She then snapped things with a red structured Fendi bag and PVC sandals. This is a classy option when heading out to the movies over the weekend.

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#3. Nicki Minaj

Photo: @nickiminaj/Instagram

Nicki Minaj said: “Barbicore, but make it street-ready.” She pulled off the pink OD in an athleisure Løci getup that saw a pink tracksuit pair nicely with a matching tweed coat, sneakers, and print scarf for the Barbiecore movement. Although pink is often subtle, the rapper managed to wring it into an edgy outfit. This anti-WAG ensemble is still a rebellious outfit to the games.

#4. Lala Anthony

Photo: @lala/Instagram

Camel tones will forever be that girl, and with Lala Anthony making a case for the shade, that’s two-factor authentication. The hottie wore a ritzy Pretty Little Thing set with a matching bucket hat and boots. Out on a rainy day doesn’t have to be messy so she added a cool black umbrella to the aesthetic. The monochrome look works for a pretend tourist situation with your partner. See your city from the outsider’s eyes, but go along with your top-tier style.

#5. Ciara

Photo: @ciara/Instagram

Ciara stood on an all-black dress code, and with a heavy dose of confidence, she pulled off the oversized black look with no stress. The strappy Versace pumps and dark sunglasses looked like she was fresh out of an MIB convoy but in the chicest way possible. When in doubt for your next business seminar, opt for a striped suit and some killer shoes.

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#6. Kat Graham

Photo: @katgraham/Instagram

The timeless beret is being reimagined into contemporary silhouettes with interesting details for a voguish appeal. Kat Graham posed for Glamour SA while offering a blend of vintage and Parisian chic in a Christian Siriano leopard print beret that matched her satin fit. The nostalgic pose, outfit, and beret danced in unison and erased any doubt we might have about the beret resurgence. This is a sharp look for a film festival.

#7. Kendall Jenner

Photo: @kendalljenner/Instagram

Immaculate describes this flowy white dress nicely positioned in character. The pristine hue over the effortless silhouette is an unbreakable marriage. Kendall Jenner resembled a princess in character in this white flare dress with black accents. This dreamy outfit at a sophisticated garden soiree will be a sight for sore eyes.

#8. Serayah

Photo: @serayah/Instagram

This weekend, slip into a cozy neutral fit when running errands or for a laid-back afternoon with your family. Serayah took the cue in a gray sweatshirt and oversized jeans styled with sturdy boots. This cozy chilled girl aesthetic is a comfortable way to portray style.

#9. Toya Johnson

Photo: @toyajohnson/Instagram

Wearing distressed utility denim, a white top, and trendy outerwear is cool, but wearing a pair of worthy heels skyrockets the effect. Toya Johnson slipped into this combo and sprinkled extra finesse with a quilt crossbody Prada bag. The on-the-go trendy celebrity outfit is both utilitarian and modish for a movie marathon at the movies this weekend.

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#10. Ashley Graham

Photo: @ashleygraham/Instagram

Thick thighs don’t lie. Ashley Graham said so. The star girl wore a velvet Masha Popova mini dress with strappy heels to explore the city of Paris with friends. The lush fabric complemented her frame, and the conspicuous cut-out at the back added more oomph. The uncomplicated nature of the dress gives it an edge for venue hopping all Friday night long. Explore your city this weekend and do it in this trendy celebrity outfit that serves.

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