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Top 5 Highlighters For Women Of Colour By Dimma Umeh | SR Beauty

Top 5 Highlighters For Women Of Colour By Dimma Umeh | SR Beauty

Whether you wear makeup every day or once in a blue moon, you are sure to have heard of strobing or have come across frosty faces on Instagram splashed with enough shimmer and glitter to blind you. Strobing is a makeup technique in which you only highlight your face without contouring. It is poised to take over contouring in the beauty space.

With the endless number of shimmery options out there, how do you know which one is right for you? When it comes to choosing the highlighter of your dreams, women of colour should stray from pinks and frosty whites. You want to pick a highlighter that would look like a part of your skin, as opposed to, like, a disco ball. With highlighters, product placement is crucial and similarity to your skin tone is key!

As a woman of colour, venturing into the world of highlighting, you would come to realise that all highlighters were not created equal. However, beauty vlogger Dimma Umeh has put together her top 5 highlighters for women of colour.

Watch the video below…

Did your favourite highlighters make the list? What is your favourite highlighting product?

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