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Today Is World Mental Health Day! 5 Basic Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Today Is World Mental Health Day! 5 Basic Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

One of the best parts of living in this contemporary world is that slowly mental health and illnesses are no longer considered taboo topics. The demystifying of mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar which for so long were linked to evil spirits and the devil, has helped many people speak up on mental issues they are battling and seek professional help which has ultimately saved their lives, and that of others because sadly, oftentimes family and/or close friends also suffer when their loved one has some mental illnesses. This is why days like today, October 10, which marks World Mental Health Awareness Day, are extremely important as they help bring to light several mental health issues and how to combat it.

The goal of World Mental Health Day is to destigmatize and further bring awareness on ways to keep up your mental health while bringing the different issues we are battling to light. For those wondering what mental health is, Wikipedia comes to our aid with a very simple definition: mental health is a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness.


In honor of World mental health awareness day, we here at Style Rave have decided to share five ways to take care of your mental health…

1. Take A Break

Sure maybe you have a deadline on your neck and you just have to submit that project before tomorrow but I can assure you, taking a ten minutes break to help steady yourself before you snap just might be what is in between you and a mental breakdown. No matter how important that project or job is, it isn’t more important than your mental health. Taking regular breaks not only helps keep up your mental health but also help your productivity.

2. Control Your Social Media Experience

Several kinds of research and studies show a link between excessive social media use and poor mental health and this isn’t surprising especially as we are bombarded by millions of images daily. Taking regular time off from social media is necessary and so is curating the people you follow on social media. Ensuring that everyone you follow adds positivity to your life and inspires you in some way is a great way to reduce the possibility of your social media use causing depression.

3. Build Healthy Relationships

As social animals, one of our greatest needs is our need to socialize and relate to other people, and building, not just any relationship but healthy relationships is the only way to fulfill this need. Healthy relationships with the right people will leave you filled with positive energy and a desire to be the best person you possibly can.

4. Take Care Of Your Body

Exercising regularly, eating better, avoiding cigarettes, and sleeping better are simple things to do which go a very long way in boosting not just your physical health and building your immune system but also improving your mental state, and making you a less likely target for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

5. Get Help From Professionals and People Around You

When you feel something wrong with you; maybe too many bad days at a stretch, bad mood swings, or your anxiety getting worse, reach out to someone – it could be s friend, family, your partner – to talk to and share how you feel, if the issue persists and still hasn’t been alleviated through your first approach, then maybe it’s time to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. These days, getting professional help is even easier as there are online services dedicated to mental health counseling.

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