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Spoil Him A Little! 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Spoil Him A Little! 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Christmas is a time to disconnect from work, catch up with family, sleep in, watch the season’s most anticipated movies, (over)eat good food and, yes, sleep it off. However, the stress of Christmas gift shopping can take a serious toll. Even if you try to avoid last-minute gift shopping, Christmas always seems to attract the worst in shoppers. But there’s is another way to win Christmas this year, if you’re open to ditching the frenzy and leaving the car at home. Shopping online can be your quick fix to getting all your gift buying done, with a little time leftover to pour yourself a glass of wine as you watch your favourite movie in bed.

Yesterday we shared a list of 6 items a man can gift his leading lady or any special woman in his life during this holiday season. But we didn’t forget about our Style Rave men, so we’ve rounded up this list of the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends, dads, brothers and more. Need more ideas than these 6? Here is a man’s wishlist. Have fun shopping!

1. Cufflink and Tie-clip set

Christmas gift ideas for men

This is a simple stocking stuffer with a tonne of value. Whether it’s for a hot date, or an important job interview, a stylish tie-clip and cufflink combo will give him the edge he needs to feel and look his best, all packed into a neat little presentation box.

2. Neckties

Stripe ties, plain ties, silk ties, bows ties, all ties are welcome. However, ties usually get an eye roll from guys because they’re so cliche as a gift so make sure to spice up his wardrobe by getting him ties in colours he doesn’t own yet.

3. A Pair of Shoes

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

These are not very easy to shop for unless you know the style preferences of the man you are shopping for. Be sure to arm yourself with the correct size before you set out to shop so you do not shop the wrong size.

4. Perfumes

Christmas gift ideas for men

Buy him an exotic scent. A unisex scent would allow you share his gift but if you do not mind a masculine scent, you could look for a good perfume with woody notes.

5. A Wristwatch

Christmas gift ideas for men

Wristwatches never go out of style and there is always a variety to choose from. Whether he prefers leather or chains, there is always something within your budget to choose from.

6. Headphones

Christmas gift ideas for men

Investing in really good headphones with noise cancelling features is a good idea. If he is always traveling, or simply likes to block out the rest of the world while he is focusing on a game, or on his work, these headphones will definitely deliver.

Cover Image: Pixabay / Pexels

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