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A Beginner’s Guide To Designing Your Own Clothes With Ease

A Beginner’s Guide To Designing Your Own Clothes With Ease


If you’ve ever dreamed of designing or making your own clothes, then you’ve come to the right place. Designing your own clothes allows you to create clothes that fit and suit you perfectly, and with a plethora of gorgeous fabrics available and so many different designs to choose from, there really hasn’t been a better time to get started.

Fashion design is constantly evolving and exciting, thus, this is good news if you’re one up for the challenge that rapidly shifting trends bring. In addition, as a result of fashion’s insatiable appetite for new and noteworthy, it provides you with the opportunity to think outside the box and birth innovations. Simply put, if it already exists, the industry may not take much notice, however, if it’s new and exciting, the spotlight will seek you out. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who daringly went out into the ordinary with their creations only to meet stardom as a result. So, whether you want to become a successful designer or you just want to create some nice outfits for yourself and your family, being authentically true to yourself is an essential step.

Once you’ve found your genius, then you can begin to think about how to design clothes. While every designer has their own style, the basics of clothes designing remain the same. That is to say, whether you’re drawn to timelessly chic pieces or more avant-garde options, the foundational knowledge doesn’t change as much. As a result, we’ve curated six basic tips to help you get started when designing clothes. 

Check out 6 essential tips on how to design your clothes…

#1. Start by learning the basics

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If you’re new to designing your own clothes, you’ll first need to learn the basics. You don’t need to be a master of the art to design your own clothes, but you need to communicate your vision visually. Start by looking at other people’s designs to get some ideas. You could also consider taking a drawing or fashion design class. How To Design Your Own Clothes

Once you know how to draw designs, you’ll need to learn how to sew. Even if you don’t sew the pieces together yourself, you’ll need to know the basics of sewing. Learning about the different types of fabrics, stabilizers, accessories, etc., will help you a great deal when it comes to designing your own clothes. There are lots of free patterns available online for beginners

#2. Learn about the fashion industry design your own Clothes

To be able to design clothes that you and others will love, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the fashion industry. Remember, a popular style now may not be popular in a few months, so you need to learn to think ahead. By reading fashion-focused publications such as Style Rave, you’ll stay ahead in a fast-paced industry and be up-to-date on trends and general happenings within the industry.

#3. Learn to use design technology

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Technology has changed a great deal over the last few years. There are now more tools and apps available to designers than ever before. So, as well as knowing how to draw and how to sew, you’ll also need to know how to use these tools effectively. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are great places to start.

#4. Be creative

As stated earlier, you can’t put a peg on creativity. Now’s the time to use your imagination to develop a design that’s perfect for you. You’ll need to think about the item’s style, the color, the type of fabric you intend to use, and whether you to add any accessories to your item. If you’re designing clothes for other people, then you need to design with the person in mind. For example, if you’re designing clothes for a child, it might be a good idea to choose a hard-wearing fabric that can easily be washed.

#5. Use a croquis

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Once you’ve got an idea, the next thing is to draw it. Lots of fashion designers choose to use a croquis (a template of an outline of a body) so that they don’t have to spend time drawing a figure from scratch each time.

Once you’ve got the outline of a figure, you can start drawing your garment on top. It’s a good idea to use a pencil so that you can easily erase any mistakes. It’s always a good idea to draw the outline of the garment before adding details on top. Once your drawing is complete, you will need to go around the outline in pen. You can then color your design.

#6. Purchase a mannequin

Photo: Michael Guida Ι Pixabay

When your design is complete, you can start making the clothing. Most designers choose to purchase a mannequin at this stage as it helps them produce a piece of clothing that fits the human shape. Mannequins have improved a lot over the years, and they’re now much more realistic than traditional designs.

Start by drawing your pattern on tracing or baking paper, but remember to label the pieces as you go. Once your pattern is drawn, you can use it to create a mockup of your clothing. Draw around your pattern pieces onto an inexpensive piece of fabric, such as muslin. You can then sew the pieces together to make a mock version of your design. How To Design Your Own Clothes

Once all of the pieces are sewn together, you’ll be able to evaluate your design and make any alterations you need. You’re then able to re-create it in the material of your choice. And that’s it; your first design is complete!

Who doesn’t dream of being able to create their own clothes? Designing your own clothes allows you to make something that is unique, perfectly fitted, and an item that suits your needs and style. Instead of dreaming about designing an item that is perfect for you, why not give it a go? How To Design Clothing.

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