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Travel Caribbean: 5 Things To Do In Jamaica For An Unforgettable Visit

Travel Caribbean: 5 Things To Do In Jamaica For An Unforgettable Visit


The island country of Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean country and is home to tall mountains, thick rainforests, exquisite beaches, colorful coral reefs, sugarcane, and coffee plantations. It also flaunts limestone-embedded rocks, and scenery that is a pure delight for an average tourist. Things to do in Jamaica.

Besides these geographical endowments, the Caribbean island is the birthplace of reggae music. It is also the seat of the Rastafari movement which explains why the Rastafarian colors – green, gold, red – are commonplace here. A small island with a small population, Jamaica is home to some of the world’s fastest men and women – the Olympics continue to showcase the likes of Usain Bolt.

But there is a unique island spirit or air that pervades this country. Ya mon! You have to visit the place and feel it for yourself. But to have that special Caribbean experience, there are things to do in Jamaica that deliver just that.

Check out 5 exciting things to do in Jamaica for an unforgettable visit…

#1. Enjoy and engage with the patois

Photo: @ii_kaya_ises/Instagram

One of the delights of your tour of this island is the Jamaican patois. You are not yet in Jamaica until you mingle with the locals, hear the patois, and speak snippets of it. When you hear the locals say, “Weh yuh ah seh?” it literally translates to “What are you saying?” But they are actually asking, “How are you doing?” And if you are on a bus with the locals and someone says, “Small up yuhself,” what they are saying is, “Make room.” You will easily realize that humor and laughter abound on this island. There is an expression for this experience in Jamaica – Dead wid laugh.”

#2. Explore the birthplace of reggae

Photo: @bobmarleymuseum/Instagram

If you are a reggae aficionado, Jamaica must feel like a musical Mecca to you. A visit to a rural destination known as Nine Mile promises that. Is this love? Yes, it is. Bob Marley, Jamaica’s reggae superstar, was born in Nine Mile; he grew up here, and it became his final resting place.

The Bob Marley Mausoleum is a reggae lover’s cherished destination. Here, Rastafarian guides will show and talk you through Marley’s memorabilia – his guitars, records, awards, iconic pictures, and the famous “rock pillow,” rumored as a source of musical inspiration to the late musician.

Photo: @bobmarleymuseum/Instagram

Equally worth visiting is the Bob Marley Museum on the reggae icon’s private house on 56 Hope Road, Kingston. It is full of Marley’s memorabilia including his guitars and collection of gold and platinum records hanging on the walls. You will also see the studio used by the King of Reggae until his passing in 1981. Although taking pictures is not allowed in the museum, Bob Marley’s iconic statue stands in the front yard, holding a guitar in one hand and the other aloft, inviting your cute selfies. Asides from visiting museums, let your stay on the island be awash with music not just of Marley but of others including Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer, Shaggy, and Sean Paul.

#3. Sample Jamaican cuisine

Photo: @jamaicaexperiences/Instagram “Jamaican curry goat”

Jamaican cuisine is full of influences from Africa and Europe. As you would expect of an island, seafood is a fixture. But Jamaica’s jerk seasoning is one to discover and fall in love with. Try local delicacies like the Jamaican curry goat, jerk chicken, ackee, and saltfish. Callaloo – a soup of spinach and okra – is also a good dish to sample.

#4. Explore Falmouth and its history

Photo: @forfiecake/Instagram

If striking landscapes are your cup of tea, you should visit Falmouth. It is home to vast coconut and sugarcane plantations – big pointers to the town’s role in the past as a major hub for the slave trade. Falmouth also has a scenic landscape, lush forests, enthralling waterfalls, and picturesque architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Fun places to visit in Falmouth include Albert George Market and the Great Hall estates. But your experience won’t be full if you don’t explore the eclectic richness of Falmouth’s open-air markets. It is a collector’s haven, full of arts and crafts to memorialize your experience of this beautiful town.

#5. See some magnificent James Bond locations

Photo: @halfmoonjamaica/Instagram

Are you a James Bond fan? This is what you must know: Ian Fleming, the author of the Bond novels, conceived and wrote the James Bond novels in the 50s and 60s in Goldeneye, his beautiful home in Oracabessa, a town in Jamaica. So, in a sense, Jamaica is the birthplace of the larger-than-life character and global brand of James Bond.

Not only was Jamaica home to James Bond’s creator, but it also provided great locations and scenes for Dr. No, Live and Let Die, and No Time to Die – 007 movies that you still love and can’t get over with. Dr. No features iconic Jamaican locations such as Laughing Waters and Moon Palace Resort, both in Ocho Rios. In Live and Let Die, we see magnificent hospitality destinations such as the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay and the Couples Sans Souci Resort in Ocho Rios. In the movie No Time to Die, Jamaican locations include a private beach called Coco Walk and a place called Market Square, both in Port Antonio.

A taste of the best chicken at Piggy’s Jerk Center comes in highly recommended for fans of Daniel Craig, who is reportedly fond of the place. How about a visit to a location named after the 007 icon himself? James Bond Beach is every 007 aficionado’s dream destination. Here, you’ll be treated to stunning beach delights, Bond souvenirs, and even a James Bond cocktail of rum – a Caribbean special – and a mix of orange, cranberry, pineapple, and lime juices to warm up your veins for more of the island experience.

Featured image: @jamaica/Instagram

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