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The Most Rave-worthy Looks On Women From Across Africa – Week Of May 11th

The Most Rave-worthy Looks On Women From Across Africa – Week Of May 11th

The difference between fashion and style can be summarized thus: fashion is what you see, style is what you do with it. Now, when it comes to style, while money will buy the outfit, it sure can’t buy you swag. This is one thing a lot of African women understand when they step out in stylsih looks. But where are we going with this? You’ll see.

A fashion house, say, Yutee Rone might put out a breathtaking piece; one that is awe-gasmic and anyone with money in the bank would want to get, but buying the stunning piece, no matter how expensive it is, won’t make you stylish. To be considered a woman of genuine style you have to be able to identify elegant pieces, put your personal touch to styling it with the right accessories and once you wear it, your carriage has to exude grace and sophistication no matter how simple the look is. Successfully delivering on this sequence translates to what others see as “swag” and what we refer to as rave-worthy!

What the African women who make our rave-worthy list every week have in common is a fresh and unique swag that goes with their personal brand. While they wear really nice outfits, their looks aren’t always from top-level brands. You see, high-end brands like Givenchy, Dior and the rest are great but how you take a simple outfit or an unknown brand and make it look high-end earns you more rave points than any million Naira/dollar look.

This is why we consider most of the African women on this list truly fashionable. They tick all the boxes and we continue to be inspired by their style deliveries.

Here’s a look at the rave-worthy styles from African women…


African women
Zynnell Lydia Zuh
African women
Jackie Appiah
African women
Moesha Babiinoti Boduong


African women
Sharon Ooja Egwurube
African women
Bolanle Olukanni
Omowunmi Onalaja


Kefilwe Mabote
Amanda du-Pont


Bettinah Tianah
Zari Hassan

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