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The Best Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Brides + Tips

The Best Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Brides + Tips

There are a few things brides leave till the very end and by then it’s already too late to make an informed choice. Given the pressure of planning a wedding, we can understand why many brides push smaller yet equally important details to the last minute. 

By the time they get to it, this so-called ‘minute’ details become so crucial that one misstep can pull the whole planning at its seams.


One of the details that is often left on the back-burner is choosing a bridal bouquet. A bouquet may seem like a small detail when compared to other components of a wedding but it is quite a deal breaker as it can either add spice to your dress or ruin its magic.

Like everything wedding-related, selecting the right bouquet is key to a rave-worthy bridal look. A bride-to-be must consider the overall wedding theme when selecting her bridal bouquet. To help with this, we’ve created a simple guide to selecting the right bouquet for your wedding. Here are a few tips:

  1. First, you must make sure that you research the kind of flowers that match the theme of your wedding.
  2. In choosing your bouquet, you must first have chosen your wedding dress. Remember that your wedding bouquet is as much an accessory as your headpieces and jewellery.
  3. Select a bouquet that complements your dress and adds to its beauty.
  4. Decide whether you’re going with real or fake flowers and whether you will be tossing your original bouquet or getting a duplicate.
Be inspired by these ultra chic wedding bouquet ideas…

Mixed cream flowers for a sophisticated appeal



White Hydrangea for a contemporary look



Mixed Roses for a romantic feel


Pink Tulips + more for a vintage appeal



Hydrangea and Roses for a timeless look



Pink Roses + more for an elegant vibe


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