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Mental Mondays: The Benefits Of Being By Yourself

Mental Mondays: The Benefits Of Being By Yourself



he disturbing shrieks emanating from the mind, droplets of sweat merging with heavy palpitations and an unsteady breath pattern. These circumstances of labor and more could be what you need to push into the next stage of your life. Are you dilated enough to birth a new you? Or do we, once again, witness the demise of a fetus whose life was to be ushered into an environment of solitude? Whose host would rather succumb to the crowd and the rigmarole of futile activities? I might speak in parables, but note that sometimes, all we need is a little solitude to stabilize our busy lenses for a clearer shot at life.

More often than not, we mistake being by ourselves for the plague of loneliness, but many who have gone ahead can attest to the productivity which stems from the uninterrupted flow of a mind blessed with the presence of seclusion. The main factor to consider is equilibrium. A lot of us are accustomed to the fallacy of being alone as toxic, more so that we fail to utilize its numerous benefits.

Why is it so hard to embrace solitude?

For starters, extroverts have a harder time staying alone for too long due to the lack of external stimuli. Oftentimes, we find our bottled-up issues attempting to swim to shore, and if you hate confrontation, this could pose a major scare. Nevertheless, sweeping things under the carpet will always be a temporary solution to an unrelenting problem. Taking time out to face one’s issues squarely, rather than distracting oneself with social activities, has little or nothing to do with being an extrovert or introvert.

The notion that humans are social beings and need human interaction to survive…” or the no man is an island adage are both correct. But we should also understand the relational salience of solitude. Robert Hooke already cited an example of an elastic limit, and as humans, we can only be stretched thus far before we bounce back or slack into burnout. Simply put, one of the major benefits of being by yourself is that it helps recharge your mind and oil the engine to keep your life moving smoothly.

Signs you need alone time

• Every human alive is starting to get on your nerves
• You are uninspired
• Even little tasks feel overwhelming
• Constant headaches
• You’ve become indifferent towards your interests
• Fatigue
• You are becoming forgetful
• You are getting sick frequently

What’s the difference between alone time and loneliness?

Being alone is essentially just a circumstance; it means you are not physically with other people. This is mostly a choice. Loneliness is a feeling, which expresses a form of sadness credited to not having relationships.

These benefits of being by yourself might make you reconsider everything…

#1. Self-discovery

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Monica was over her head with the sanctimonious display of being a people person. She knew she needed to recharge and find out the next phase of her life. She would graduate from college in a few months, and the fear of the future propelled her into a feigned carousing lifestyle but deep down she knew she had to sort out the next step. One day, Monica took the road not readily taken, and it made all the difference. Simply put, being alone helps you to get to know yourself better. It’s worth it.

#2. Productivity

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Anyone on the verge of burnout should prioritize alone time. Assuredly, once you take out time to enjoy your company, creativity and productivity will flow from the stream of your mind again. One of the benefits of being by yourself is that you avoid the flimsy work mistakes HR has been complaining about lately.

#3. You’re more refreshed

Photo: Kindel Media / Pexels

You’re becoming cranky and unpleasant to be around, maybe you need a time out from everyone. Find time for some alone time Ella, I need my wife back.” These were Fred’s words as he coyly stepped out of the room. Ella, like most of us, is an adult with responsibilities. Stress is a huge contributor to strain in relationships, and we are better off reconnecting with ourselves than standing outside creating a circus to prove our superhuman status. Strength also lies in knowing when to step back into solitude to recalibrate our lives.

#4. Solitude boosts mental health


Ironically, carving out ample time for yourself has been linked to a boost in mental performance. Individuals tend to concentrate better, enjoy improved memory, and less depressive episodes. As social beings, we are inclined to have functional relationships, but for optimum mental health, set out time to explore yourself.

#5. Being by yourself helps proffer solutions

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

There are times when noise and distractions might not be a supportive ally towards clear thinking. Allen had a tugging issue he wanted to get rid of, but his co-workers and the office buzz made things difficult to crystallize. Oh! How he yearned for the resounding silence of his apartment. You can imagine the relief he felt when he turned the key and stepped into his home. After an expedient shower, Allen sat outside the airy balcony, and the words started to flow—he was finally on to something.

Featured image: Thirdman | Pexels

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