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Suits And Berets! A Look At The Modern And Retro Style Of Nollywood’s Bad Boy JIM IYKE

Suits And Berets! A Look At The Modern And Retro Style Of Nollywood’s Bad Boy JIM IYKE

Veteran Nollywood actor James Ikechukwu Esomugha better known as Jim Iyke, is one of the most popular Nigerian actors of all time. With most of us growing up to his on-screen rugged charm where he took on most of the anti-hero roles: the handsome bad boy all the boys wanted to be and the girls wanted. Jim was always just a general baddie. So it’s no surprise that most recently Jim Iyke become known for his bad ass sense of style which is what lands him on our radar.


Jim Iyke’s acting career is one of the most successful in the Nigerian movie industry as he is currently one of the highest paid actors. This is not surprising as he has an undeniable acting talent and a movie credit of over 150 movies under his belt. Alongside his amazing acting skills and resumé, Jim Iyke has a complementary sense of style to go with it. Going through his Instagram feed, one would simply be wowed by his sense of style and how put-together his outfits usually are. His love for sunshades is clearly still as strong as they were back in the day, we’ll even say they are stronger as they are always present on his outfits.

A lover of clean, modern suits, Jim has also proven that he draws inspiration from the retro age as well as his fondness for berets has us thinking vintage!

Take a glance at some of his stunning looks in suits and berets…

Photo Credit: IG | Jim.iyke

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