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Lagos Lately: See The Impressive Fashion Takes We Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars

Lagos Lately: See The Impressive Fashion Takes We Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars



hey say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it also takes a village to build a formidable personal style that’s neither monotonous nor volatile. One where you’ve found the perfect balance while remaining open to beneficial tweaks and turns. The village here? Think designers, stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists. In a time when your style can’t afford to be set in stone nor easily swayed by convincing trends, the most stylish Nigerian stars seemed to have nailed this balance.

Check out the top looks seen on stylish Nigerian stars…

#1. Unrestricted pants

Photo: @_iphy/Instagram

Choose to make a solid statement in a black and red combo. Go easy on the structure and make it a relaxed breezy fit like this Sama Woman coordination. Style influencer Iphy wore wide-hem pants and a ruffle black top with an embellished compact bag that spoke volumes. Designers have been favoring these malleable pants, and it’s clear they’ve placed skinny jeans on the sidelines. With numerous renditions, refined wide-hem pants’ styling potentials are endless.

#2. Color blocking

Photo: @oliviaarukwe/Instagram

One way to create a popping look with minimal effort is to clash the colors in unison. The key is to spin the color wheel in your favor. Piece together hues on opposite ends of the spectrum and form a chaotic synergy. Olivia Arukwe is one of the stylish Nigerian stars with a unique depth to her style. She paired a red mono-sleeve Zara top with voluminous pants from April Dust. A typical look if blending in isn’t on the memo.


#3. Rich aunty vibes

Photo: @diiadem/Instagram

Luxury is often found in the way we choose to tell our tale to the world. One of these ways is our appearance. Lately in Nigeria, every style girl has at least one bou bou in their closet. Entrepreneur Adeola Adeyemi pulled off the rich aunty look in a bou bou by RTW by Kwinrach. The muted tones, minimal jewelry, and headwrap set the look off.

#4. Flare minis

Photo: @nancyisime/Instagram

Thanks to the Gossip Girl resurgence, preppy fashion is back on our timelines. Crisp button-downs, chic minis, and compact accessorizing are a few of the preppy favorite things. Nancy Isime visited the University of Nigeria, Nsukka for a women’s business summit in style. She layered a mini flare dress over a button-down down shirt and finished off with white pumps. A woman who inspires always has a place etched in history.


#5. Structured stripes

Photo: @lilyafe/Instagram

Nigerian designers are constantly churning out marvels on a global scale. That’s something these stylish Nigerian stars willingly reckon with. Stripes have always managed to steal the spotlight as trendy and classic. A form-fitting dress with stripe prints is a favorite all-week remedy to a style rut. Lilian Afegbai rocking this Kome Osalor dress should inspire you to update your business wear.

#6. Relaxed summer

Photo: @tokemakinwa/Instagram

If you’re trying too hard, it’s not a bonafide summer look. The season comes with a carefree style that’s heavy on individuality. It’s not an excuse to look shabbily clad but a time to explore trends, dig deeper into the archives, and surface with relaxed fits appropriate for summer. Toke Makinwa posted JPEGs of herself strutting the streets of London in off-white oversize pants, a black and white crop top, and an oversized shirt. The summer whites, stripes, and breezy fits are on theme and Ms. Makinwa is well aware.


#7. Sheer hotness

Photo: @kimoprah/Instagram

It’s hard to tell if it’s the outfit or Doha’s ever-blazing weather bringing the heat but everything about this look is hot. Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate Kim Opara opted for a denim set with sheer compartments. This look keeps the heat at bay and becomes the center of attraction. It’s easy to wear for any casual meetup.

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