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Style Rave Founder And Editor-in-Chief, Elfonnie To Speak On ‘Dressing For Success’ Post COVID-19

Style Rave Founder And Editor-in-Chief, Elfonnie To Speak On ‘Dressing For Success’ Post COVID-19

rebranding for business post COVID-19 style rave

COVID-19 is pushing companies to operate in new and innovative ways, and the resilience of systems are being tested. As businesses juggle a range of new challenges, the modus operandi will have to change in a post COVID-19 world where the business environment will become even more competitive.


Business strategy, risk patterns, sudden changes in volume, work patterns, real-time decision-making, workforce productivity, business security and other aspects of our businesses are changing. Leaders must act quickly to address immediate system resilience issues and lay a sustainable foundation for the future.


To help business leaders manage the impact of COVID-19, Boss Babes NG has put together a webinar to address such issues and keep business leaders ahead of the game. Speakers include leading women and men from different industries across the globe.

Elfonnie will be speaking at 4:45 pm WAT on Dressing for Success in the Post COVID-19 era.

Here is the timetable and the profile of the speakers…

Rebranding for business timetable

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Meet the speakers…

Isi Idemudia Kate Carney Angela Ajala Rebranding for business post covid-19

Elfonnie Ebuka Anichebe Bibusa Wibemann Rebranding for business post covid-19

phebean swill Randall Emmanuelle Rey-Mamonier Alwyn Stephen

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