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5 Stages Of Awareness By Eugene Schwartz For Business Folks

5 Stages Of Awareness By Eugene Schwartz For Business Folks



magine casting your marketing bait into murky waters day after day, unsure if anything is noticing your lure. It can feel like shouting assurances into an empty room. Frustrating, isn’t it? The secret to more bites is understanding your audience’s precise stage of awareness and meeting them where they are. Legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz illuminated the journey customers take from initial oblivion to informed action. He identified five stages that we must guide them through with targeted content to reap the rewards of our marketing efforts.

Check out Eugene Schwartz’s stages of awareness…

Stage 1: Unaware

Our future customers simply aren’t aware of the problem we solve. They merrily go about their days while suffering unnecessary frustration. Our content must arrest their attention with an entertaining story, shocking statistics, or insider secrets that reveal the hidden annoyance for the first time. That “aha moment” of self-recognition is satisfaction enough initially. For example, an identity protection service would highlight shocking cases of digital intrusions that most blithely overlook. Tell a story that prompts them to exclaim “That could happen to me!”

Stage 2: Problem Aware

Now we’ve opened their eyes to the vexing issue but they still don’t grasp that a solution exists. Our content must vividly describe their pain points so they realize others share in this struggle. We want empathy and acknowledgment that this problem affects more than just them. Resist the urge to immediately sell; simply sit with them in discomfort for now.

Our identity protection service would now probe the many ways digital snooping harms victims financially, professionally, and emotionally. Most feel embarrassed or violated when their privacy is infringed. Our content mirrors their turmoil and validates their stress.

Stage 3: Solution Aware

Wallowing in difficulties grows tiresome, so our audience eventually seeks liberation. They sense an answer exists, but lack specifics. Our content should introduce our particular product or service as an ideal antidote to their afflictions. Outline how adopting our solution can ease their burdens. This initial exposure focuses on establishing relevance and credibility.

In our ongoing example, we’d overview the methods identity protection firms use to monitor, detect, and thwart personal data misuse. Explain terminologies like dark web surveillance, financial activity alerts, and identity restoration. Avoid sales pitches initially and focus on competency.

Stage 4: Product Aware

Now we can showcase specifics of what makes our brand superior. According to Eugene Schwartz, they know the solutions exist, but might compare providers. Our content must present evidence of successful outcomes and social proof that our service delivers safety and peace of mind. Testimonials, ratings, guarantees, and ROI stats reassure prospects we walk the walk.

Our identity protection provider would cite reviews from relieved customers who avoided disaster thanks to proactive monitoring. Feature stories of hacking attempts halted at the last second by alarms only our service provides. Collect impressive stats on financial fraud attempts detected and resolved.

Stage 5: Most Aware

Finally, our prospects comprehend the problem intimately and understand solutions generally and our unique solution specifically. Yet they have not committed to purchase. Our last content push must convincingly convey why immediate action is essential and how we make selection effortless. Scarcity and simplicity compel decisions.

Our identity protection service would underscore the dangers of delay with more disturbing breach stories. Then highlight special pricing offers and discounts for first-time subscribers. Keep sign-up simple with short registration forms that feature clear deliverables. Provide further incentives for 2-3 year commitments, while noting prices will soon increase.

Master fishermen maximize catch

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Carefully conducting audiences through Eugene Schwartz’s five stages of awareness is crucial to content marketing success. We must gauge our prospects’ evolving consciousness accurately, and then serve the educational content they crave. With this patient approach, we’ll have eager “fish” taking our bait soon enough!

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