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‘Sleigh’ On Mama! A Few Co-Ord Ideas To Help You Do The ‘Matchy-Matchy’ Look Stylishly

‘Sleigh’ On Mama! A Few Co-Ord Ideas To Help You Do The ‘Matchy-Matchy’ Look Stylishly

The fashion world has a name for everything and one of them is the co-ords. Co-ords are matchy-matchy two pieces. You see, anything you piece together that matches in color, pattern, or design can be regarded as a co-ord. You most probably wore co-ords as a kid but never realized that they’ve made a comeback until now. Back in the 90s’, they were called “up and down” but you wouldn’t know that if you weren’t born before the 90s.

Most co-ords are designed to be worn together as well as separately, and while most of them are plain or patterned others take a differently scaled form or come together in reverse colorways. Co-ords was a favorite this year and would definitely last at least through the first quarter of 2018. If you didn’t catch the bug on time, you can still experiment with them this weekend.

Check out these fashionistas who totally killed it in co-ords…

Bisous Natasha
Gabi Fresh
Janni Deler

The images above certainly give you a sense of how easy it is to get your outfits co-ordinated. The ideas provide you a fun and chic way to dress this weekend knowing that your outfit doesn’t have to be uptight nor prissy. Now go ahead and ‘sleigh’ on mama! ‘Tis the season.

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