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Slay Or Nay! Are You Vibing With D’Banj’s Recent Metro-sexual Style Choices?

Slay Or Nay! Are You Vibing With D’Banj’s Recent Metro-sexual Style Choices?


n this business of fashion, one must learn to ‘never say never’ because like Alexa Chung said “In two years, you’ll be wearing never.” This is the reality we are all currently living because everyday fashion is being reinvented and we find ourselves wearing pieces that a few months or years ago we would have said never ever! For instance, a few years ago almost no Nigerian man would have worn anything that remotely looks like a skirt to public let alone a stage but one of our favourite Nigerian male singers D’Banj recently did just that with his new found style.

This particular look piqued my interest and I checked his Instagram and discovered that recently D’Banj has been pulling off quite some interesting looks with his style.


D’Banj’s most recent looks border on pure metrosexuality, mixing colours and patterns in interesting ways. But one has to wonder if the Kokomaster is trying too hard or if he’s merely experimenting with his style because I’ve always known D’Banj’s style to be more of a mix of boy-next-door and classic gentleman. So, is D’Banj experimenting with his style? Or has he unknowingly reinvented his personal brand?

Take a look at some of D’banj’s recent looks and let us know in the comment section if you think it’s a Slay Or a Nay!




What do you think of his D’banj’s recent style? Slay or Nay? 

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