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5 Eye Makeup Tips That Make You Look Sexier

5 Eye Makeup Tips That Make You Look Sexier


T hey say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I completely agree. However, I am also of the opinion that the eyes are essential to a stunning facebeat and you should do your best in elevating them.

Irrespective of age or any other differing factor, this is one thing you should strive to get right. For a Rave-worthy girl like yourself, it’s either you’re going bare-faced or you incorporate these sexy eye makeup tips that will accentuate your look. Sorry, there’s no in-between. Okay, just kidding but you get the point.

Photo: Instagram | Tennycoco

Sexy eye makeup is not reserved for a selected few as anyone can get it right. All you need do is incorporate one or more (heavens yes!) of the tips we have listed below and you’ll be on your way to an alluring makeup look, with your eyes at the center. After all, they are the window to your soul.

These eye makeup tips will definitely make you look sexier…

#1. Go the winged eyeliner route

Photo: @bare2beauty/Instagram

If you want to go from okay to sultry, then draw that line. The winged eyeliner look is bold and sexy and gives your eyes an instant appeal. To create an edgy and fierce tone, complete it with smoky, cat-eye makeup.

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#2. Fill in your brows naturally

Photo: @genoverabeauty/Instagram

When you think you’ve finally figured out the perfect eyebrow trend, beauty influencers switch it up again. This constant switch could make you want to adamantly remain stuck with an 80s (or 90s or early 00s, depending on when you were born) brows and ready to attack the next person who calls you out because of them. However, one thing remains sure: natural-looking eyebrows are beautiful, sexy, and will never go out of style. So rather than hop on every trend, stick to natural-looking brows.

Tip: Fill in your brows moderately and they automatically make them look natural.

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#3. Use gold eyeshadow on the tear duct

Photo: Instagram / Linda Osifo

Big girls don’t cry. They replace the tears with gold eyeshadow sitting pretty on the tear duct! This works well with toned-down eye makeup, like nudes and brown shadows (depending on your complexation) as they instantly give your eyes a pop. This look is edgy, drop-dead sexy, and can elevate your entire look.

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#4. Add white liner or silver eyeshadow to the lower eyelid

Photo: Instagram / Beauty by Bemii

After so many years of routinely applying black eyeliner on the lower eyelids, go another route with white liner or silver eyeshadow to pop those eyes. This eye makeup trend will definitely bring sexy back.

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#5. Use mascara on lower lashes

Photo: Instagram / Gigi Beauty

There’s something sultry about enhancing the lower lashes with mascara. It’s almost like being sexy without even trying. If you’re feeling edgy, take it a tad higher by fixing false lower lashes. Always pay attention to your lower lashes, they give the right effect.

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