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Mental Mondays: 5 Reasons Why Seeing A Therapist Is Not Weakness

Mental Mondays: 5 Reasons Why Seeing A Therapist Is Not Weakness


We live in a time when people are still creating a facade of strength even when they’re falling apart because of the misconception that going for therapy is for weaklings. Another reason our community shies from therapy is based on the belief that personal issues shouldn’t be discussed outside especially with a stranger. Both reasons are wrong.

In fact, on the contrary, anyone who opts for therapy for health issues like depression, anxiety, or even self-doubt is a courageous person. Especially in this season when anxiety is on the rise with the coronavirus pandemic, therapy is a much-needed form of release.

There are a gazillion reasons why seeking therapy is a form of courage and strength, here’s just a few…

#1. Your mental health is top-notch expedient

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You can’t be said to be fully healthy if your mind is clogged up. A lot of awareness has been done to ensure we keep an eye on our mental health. The way we look out for physical symptoms and dive in with a solution, that same energy should be applied to our mental health. Anyone who realizes the connection between the mind and body and takes time out to reach out to a therapist even before a breakdown is a strong fellow. This decision not only affects you as an individual but also those around you as well.

#2. Therapy helps discover oneself

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It helps you reset old habits and process your emotions. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. When a person learns to understand his or herself, they master their emotions and are able to maneuver situations to play out in a less toxic manner. Self-discovery would eventually lead you to the path of purpose and in our world today, humans are in dire need of people fulfilling purpose.

#3. It takes strength to choose you

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Self-care isn’t always about going to the spa or eating your best meal and watching your favorite TV show. While those are expedient, choosing to see a therapist shows you also care enough for yourself to prioritize your mental health by seeking help when you sense things going downhill. Ever felt lightweight after going for a run? Yup, therapy sessions could be that uplifting.

#4. It shows you value the relationships in your life

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When you know you can’t help yourself and you decide to get help through therapy to be a better husband, mother, or employee, it takes courage to pull that off. It helps in reviving relationships and resolving conflicts. I mean who doesn’t want better relationships and more peaceful life?

#5. Therapy can help you achieve set goals

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Strength is setting goals and doing anything possible to achieve them and if going to see a therapist would bring this to reality then there’s no stronger reason to hold back. Confiding in your therapist about your goals, whether it’s a new workout routine or plans to buy a property is beneficial. Your therapist would hold you accountable and motivate you to reach targets and in a set time.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of misconceptions and stigma about mental health but it’s our responsibility to keep creating awareness so we can all live healthier lives. Spread love and not the virus. Stay safe.

We might not be able to physically get in touch with a therapist at this time but the internet bridges this gap and is still effective. Take control of your mental health and consider getting online counseling through telemedicine companies like SouthEnd Psychiatry.

There are also apps available online that could help reduce anxiety and calm the nerves.

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