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Rave-Worthy Look Of The Day: SA’s Vanessa Matsena

Rave-Worthy Look Of The Day: SA’s Vanessa Matsena

The cycling shorts, particularly the skin tight saddle-style biker shorts of the ’80s and ’90s made such a huge comeback last year. These sporty tights were given new life and everyone from Kim K to Bella HadidCardi B and Tiwa Savage couldn’t get enough of it. Like most trendy fashion items, this look gained so much traction and Africa hasn’t been left out. Case in point: the rave-worthy style you are about to see.

Why are we interested in biker shorts in 2019 and why is it the focus of this post? I’ve heard people say “I don’t understand this biker shorts craze.” One famous person who reiterated this concern is famous momager Kris Jenner. But I bet if she sees how South African fashion and lifestyle influencer Vanessa Matsena wore hers she would change her mind with lightening speed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Kim Kardashian does a good job with her biker shorts looks but there’s something about the way Vanessa Matsena styled hers that just makes it so unforgettable.

Let’s start from the top – her braided hair with rings and beads as decorations gives her a tribally chic look with a fresh, youthful face. She kept her makeup simple and light even though her lipstick is a cool red with a dull orange undertone.

Her blazer from House of CB is such an unusually cool piece that also adds to the sophistication of her overall look. Her cycling short choice is nothing spectacular – it’s black and simple but what it does is give life to her crafty blazer, allowing it to take center stage. A girl cannot be without her purse -adding that finishing touch to Vanessa’s look is the Balenciaga Ville S leather tote in red which bounces off the colour of her lips. Both her sunglasses by George Keburia and TAG Heuer wrist watch create the right balance, helping her score an absolute 10/10. And those neon green nails? Supercool!

Here’s Vanessa Matsena’s winning look…

Photo Credit: IG|@vanessamatsena

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