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Rave News Digest: GOT Season 8 Finale, Trump Threatens Iran, Samuel Okwaraji + More

Rave News Digest: GOT Season 8 Finale, Trump Threatens Iran, Samuel Okwaraji + More

Our Rave News Digest summarizes some of the hottest global news you need to catch up on, saving you time and energy. Consider it your daily news fix.

Here is a rundown of five of the hottest news topics…

1. Atiku threatens Buhari’s media aide with a defamation lawsuit

Former vice president and PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has threatened a lawsuit against President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, demanding a retraction and compensation for an allegedly defamatory social media post.

Atiku’s lawyers wrote a letter Buhari’s media aide, Lauretta Onochie, asking her to retract her post of face legal action. Miss Onochie had taken to social media to allege that the former vice president was in Dubai “shopping for terrorists” and that he had been put on a terrorist watch list in the United Arab Emirates.

She tweeted: “Atiku on UAE watch list- Security sources. Security operatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are keeping a close tab on a former Nigerian Vice Pres Atiku Abubakar who has been in the Middle East nation for several weeks now. What is he doing there? Me: Shopping for terrorists?”

Responding a week later, Atiku’s lawyers said the aide’s tweet had caused “unspeakable odium, obloquy, hatred, ridicule and psychological trauma.” The lawyers gave Miss Onochie an ultimatum of 48 hours to retract the post and also asked her to pay N500 million to Atiku.

They threatened that a failure to comply would amount to a multi-billion-dollar defamation lawsuit for aggravated and punitive damages against the presidential aide.

2. Trump threatens to “end” Iran

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has issued a direct threat to Iran, suggesting the country will be destroyed if it attacks the interests of his country.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to tweet that “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again.” He, however, did not clarify what threats he was referring to.

U.S. President Donald Trump participates in a meeting with leaders of the steel industry at the White House March 1, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

The post comes after last week’s attacks on Saudi oil assets and the firing of a rocket on Sunday into the “Green Zone” in Iraq where there are many government buildings and embassies. No lives were lost and there was no claim of responsibility but it was heavily alleged that Iran could have been behind both attacks.

The Trump administration has tried to use diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions to forcibly change the nature of the Iranian regime. This has led to increasing tensions between both countries in recent months.

3. Eurovision wraps up as Netherlands wins

The Eurovision Song Contest often called Eurovision, is an annual international song competition with participants representing predominantly European countries. It is the longest-running annual international television contest having been broadcast every year since 1956.

Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live TV and radio then casts votes for the other countries’ songs to determine the winner.

After Netta’s victory in Lisbon, Portugal last year, the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was the 64th edition of the contest and the third time Israel was hosting it. It began on Tuesday 14th May and ended on the 18th of May.

This year’s Eurovision was held amidst controversy in its being hosted in Israel. Many celebrities called for a complete boycott of the event in solidarity with Palestine as Israel continues to hold some of their lands. But the competition was carried out all the same.

The contest consisted of two semi-finals on 14 and 16 while the final was held on 18. This year’s Eurovision had 41 participants and the winner was the Netherlands with the song “Arcade” performed by Duncan Laurence. It was Netherlands’ fifth victory having also won it in 1957, 1959, 1969 and 1975.

Last year’s winner Netta performed and singers from previous contests also sang each other’s songs. American singer, Madonna also performed at the event.

4. Google celebrates Samuel Okwaraji

Late Nigerian football icon, Samuel Okwaraji, was remembered by Google and Nigerians in what would have been his 55th birthday were he to have been alive. He was honoured by Google with the Google doodle.

The doodle is a special albeit temporary logo on Google’s homepages intended to commemorate holidays, events, achievements and notable historic figures. You may have seen it if you had tried to run a search on the search engine.

Born on May 19, 1964, Samuel Okwaraji was a professional footballer who played internationally for Nigeria. He played for a number of European clubs like AS Roma, Austria Klagenfurt, Nk Dinamo Zagreb and VfB Stuttgart.

The legendary player who died on August 12, 1989, at the age of just 25 years old, is considered Nigeria’s first football martyr. Okwaraji passed away at the National Stadium in Lagos from congestive heart failure 10 minutes from the end of a 1990 World Cup qualifier against Angola. The autopsy showed that the 25-year-old had an enlarged heart and high blood pressure.

5. GOT season 8 finale

After eight long seasons, the Game of Thrones comes to an end with so much story left untold.

Now as usual guys, skip this if you don’t want any spoilers because we’re about to share the juiciest bits of the latest episode. And if you missed the previous episode or just want a reminder, click here to go through a short recap.

The episode opens to Tyrion taking a walk through the ruins of Kings Landing, sad and pensive. He finds the bodies of Jaime and Cersei and weeps over them.

Daenerys gives a speech to the assembled Unsullied and Dothraki where she pledges to continue her war, freeing the entire world from tyrants.

Tyrion confronts Daenerys concerning the slaughter. He removes his Hand of the King brooch but is then taken into custody for betraying the queen by freeing Jaime. Jon looks on,

GOT season 8 finale
Daenerys GOT season 8 finale

Arya warns Jon about the Queen, telling him she is a killer and she’d ultimately want to do away with him as she sees him as a threat. He visits the imprisoned Tyrion who again tries to sound it into his ever so thick skull, that his Queen is no longer who she used to be. Jon gets defensive but ends up seeing reason.

Jon confronts Daenerys, questioning why she killed so many innocent people. He also begs her to pardon Tyrion but she refuses. Instead, she tries to cajole him to join her in her cause. They kiss, but he stabs her with a dagger and she dies.

As though sensing the death of his mother, Drogon lands in the throne room and confirms her death. He may have considered roasting Jon as he stared fixedly at him. However, he doesn’t, instead, he spits fire at the Iron Throne reducing it to a heap of slag as if to say “you’re the cause of all these problems!” Drogon picks up Daenerys and flies away.

Grey Worm takes Tyrion to the dragon pit where the lords and ladies of the remaining Great Houses of Westeros are assembled. Sansa asks about Jon to which Grey Worm replies that he was still a prisoner.

Everything happens so fast as they are made to decide who should be King of the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion ultimately chooses Bran and the others accept. However, Sansa stands up for the North declaring they will remain independent. And after years of saying he couldn’t be King, Bran accepts to be King of the Six Kingdoms and chooses Tyrion as Hand of the King.

GOT season 8 finale
Tyrion GOT Season 8 finale

Tyrion later informs Jon he is being sent to the Night’s Watch as justice in the eyes of the Unsullied and we get that question of “There’s still a Night’s Watch? But the Night King and white walkers are all dead!” But oh well.

With the war ended, everyone moves on to what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Arya informs everyone that she’s headed west of Westeros where the map ends to discover new worlds. Sansa takes up a position of ruler of the North, Samwell Tarly becomes a master and Podrick becomes a knight.

A surprising end to an epic tale. It may have seemed a bit rushed at some point but kudos to the writers and organisers all the same. What are your thoughts about the end? Let us know in the comment section.

Muslihat Shaka reporting

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