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Protect Yourself! Naomi Campbell Shows How She Flies Safe Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | Full Video

Protect Yourself! Naomi Campbell Shows How She Flies Safe Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | Full Video


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, people are taking more precautions, applying stricter hygiene measures as they shop, travel and do everything else. But it seems there is no one more cautious about the coronavirus disease than British supermodel Naomi Campbell. Naomi Campbell airplane.

Naomi Campbell has previously taken to her social media accounts to share videos of her routine every time she travels, something she started even before the outbreak of COVID-19. For Naomi, these measures have to be taken for her to be able to feel safe, comfortable and without any risk of contagion.

According to Naomi,

“I started using the mouthpiece in the 90s and I started cleaning the seat for almost 17 years. It has been a routine of mine for a long time and people used to laugh at me and whisper that what I did was ridiculous. Now I’m not ridiculous. They say there is no need to wear a face mask, but I disagree, because what happens when someone sneezes in front of you when you are walking behind that person. Those (germs) come to you, you pass through them.” Naomi Campbell airplane.


Despite the fact that Naomi Campbell opted for a white hamzat suit, a face mask, glam safety goggles and purple gloves as she caught her flight from Los Angeles back to her home in New York City, she finished off her look with a camel coloured Burberry cape. The pint? There may be a global virus outbreak but fashion is not dead!

While we may not all wear a full hazmat suit to travel, we could all learn a thing or two from Naomi’s somewhat over-the-board safety routine. Naomi Campbell airplane.

Watch Naomi Campbell take all the precautionary measures she can to avoid contacting the coronavirus…

Photo credit: Instagram | Naomi

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