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Pelma Fashion Rocks The Runway With ‘Mum And Me Love’ Collection

Pelma Fashion Rocks The Runway With ‘Mum And Me Love’ Collection


The recently concluded Nook International Fashion Weekend Runway in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria was an open vista on a set of fast-rising creative designers, among whom was Pelma Fashion House, arguably one of the stars of the exhibition, which showcased its “Mum and Me Love” collection.

The warm reception accorded to the collection, which comprised outfits of matching designs for mothers and daughters made from bright, lush fabrics sourced locally in Nigeria, has further amplified Pelma Fashion’s growing reputation for creating trendy casual prices for every phase of a lady’s life. Although the brand is better known for its line of offerings for kids and teen not older than 16, this collection has proven the brand’s commitment to ensuring that women aren’t left out of the conversation.

Speaking of the “Mum and Me Love” collection, Peace Okorite Ayotamuno, creative director of Pelma Fashion, said: “This collection is all about mothers connecting in love with daughters by rocking the same outfit that creates wonderful and lasting memories between them. In a way, the collection tells the story of family love and bonding, and the beauty of life.”

And beauty could indeed be witnessed as the models strutted down the runway. From the collection’s feisty color to its simple but alluring designs, the happy moments often shared between mother and daughter were unmissable in full fashion. In one instance, spectators were blessed with a good dose of color blocking as a mother-and-daughter duo sporting blue-and-red mini dresses made their way down the runway. The flattering length makes it an apt choice for the warmer season, while the statement bows and ruffles details were a witty nod to the coquette trend

Yes, the designs were works of art that spoke of painstaking attention to detail. “I was able to design and develop a concept for my collection in which I sketch and experiment with fabrics and materials to bring my ideas to life and carefully oversee the production process, ensuring quality and attention to details, and then present my collection on the runway,” Ayotamuno added.

Although Pelma Fashion’s creative versatility extends to sophisticated bridal designs, the brand, by and large, has carved its niche with its expertise in creating exclusive and personalized kid’s party ball dresses and ready-to-wear casuals tailored for children and their mums. With its success on the runway still reverberating in the Nigerian fashion space, there is no doubt that the fashion brand has come into its own and is ready to expand beyond the country’s borders.

“We are looking to expand Pelma Fashion beyond Nigeria. One of our primary targets is the United Kingdom. This expansion will open up new opportunities,” the creative director said.

For more information, contact the brand at:

Instagram/Facebook: @pelmafashion / @pelmafashion

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp/Call: +2348057476727

Address: No 1, Golden Valley YKC, Port-Harcourt

Images: Courtesy of Pelma Fashion

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