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OZINNA ANUMUDU Consistently Shows Off Her Versatile And Chic Style

OZINNA ANUMUDU Consistently Shows Off Her Versatile And Chic Style

Ozinna Anumudu fondly called Zina has definitely carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian fashion and branding industry. After her time at Style Vitae, Ozinna founded The Style Concierge which caters to creatives and businesses in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Being the daughter of one of Nigeria’s most expensively dressed women, Nkiru Anumudu, it is little wonder that Zina loves fashion just as much.

Zina’s style is definitely genetic and versatile! It is fresh, ethnic, vibrant, chic and classy. Ozinna Anumudu is one with a peculiar taste in fashion as her style can be a bit classic and quirky at the same time. Ozinna is not afraid to go bold in colours and does well to represent her roots in Ankara fabric, as well. Her eclectic cosmopolitan style is evidence of her Lagos upbringing and the rich worldly cultures that she’s experienced along the way.

Whether she is slaying Ankara pieces, denim or others, Ozinna Anumudu is one stylish lady that has mastered her looks and keeps on inspiring as she styles her look on her own terms.

Take a look at the versatile and chic style of Ozinna Anumudu…

Ozinna Anumudu  Ozinna Anumudu

  Ozinna Anumudu

Photo credit: IG | Ozinna

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