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Our Best Beauty Looks Will Defly Brighten Your Lockdown Mood

Our Best Beauty Looks Will Defly Brighten Your Lockdown Mood


Despite the social distancing rule in place across the world, celebrities, influencers and makeup artists showed no sign of slowing down on serving creative beauty looks. Even some of those on voluntary quarantine, spent the time alone doing what makes them happy!

From Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro sharing an enchanting face beat to South African TV Host Pearl Modiadie, who was all smiles as she posed for a photo in a subtle glam look, it’s safe to say that our makeup appetites were as usual, well satisfied. For Pearl, the smokey eye look, glossy nude lips and bob hairstyle came together to create such an effortlessly gorgeous beauty look that we can’t wait for this COVID-19 season to be over to replicate her look.

Nollywood actress Ini-Dima Okojie did not let the lockdown get to her as she reimagined her old fantasy of being a guitarist in a band. She took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself wearing a barely-there makeup look and a Fulani cornrow hairstyle.

We have curated the most stunning beauty looks we fell in love with last week and these are sure to brighten your mood as you remain indoors.

Check out the quarantine best beauty looks to brighten your mood…

Lilian Esoro

Pearl Modiadie

Ini-Dima Okojie / Swipe

K Naomi Noinyane

Tania Omotayo

Mihlali Ndamase

Tana Adelana

Thulisile Phongolo

Esther Audu Ojire

Makeup by Mz Lammie

Feeling inspired? Now is the perfect time to practice all the looks you always wish you had time to learn. quarantine beauty looks

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