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No One Rocks Ankara Dresses Quite Like OBI SKY

No One Rocks Ankara Dresses Quite Like OBI SKY

African print outfits are now pretty much a staple these days. To get in on the fun, it’s all about searching for interesting looks you could either buy as ready-to-wear or at least have tailored. But the need to find street-style Ankara looks that also work in a formal scene can be a bit tasking as the majority of the Ankara designs don’t have that balance.

The balance issue is about to be a thing of the past as we’ve discovered someone whose Ankara portfolio is in a class by itself as it offers this much-needed balance. Who exactly? Instagram influencer, Obi Sky, the queen of Ankara dresses.

Obi Sky has marked her territory. She’s a boss when it comes to styling Ankara designs, especially Ankara dresses. The professional nurse and mother of four loves her African prints and is one of my favourite people to look out for on Instagram – thanks to the simple, chic but precise ways she wears her print style.

If you are looking for something va va voom made from print fabric then you need to check some other post, but if you are into simple, every day, classy Ankara dresses that are street appropriate and formally-approved, Obi Sky is about to become your style heroine.

Here are 9 times Obi Sky proved she’s the queen of Ankara dresses…

Photo Credit: IG | Obi_sky

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