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Nigerian Style Stars Show How To Style Different Types Of Jeans

Nigerian Style Stars Show How To Style Different Types Of Jeans


Jeans have been a wardrobe staple for as long as we can remember. As far as knowledge goes, the first pair of jeans were made in 1871 by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. By May 1873, the duo would register a patent for “blue jeans.” Since then, jeans have remained a key player through the different fashion eras thanks to its distinct versatility and undeniable durability.

Everyone loves a good pair of jeans but finding a good pair is another story entirely. It’s usually a case of trial and error unless you have a trusted supplier, stick to particular brands or use reliable referrals. Once you’ve found that perfect pair, it’s usually something like a lifetime bond until you outgrow the jeans, size-wise, or its style.

While on the hunt for a good pair, there’s no reason to limit yourself to the particular style you’ve been wearing forever. Over the ages, while jeans’ role in men’s fashion hasn’t changed much, there has been notable evolution in its cut, and now, there are so many styles to select from.

We’ve curated 4 unique types of jeans below and how to integrate each one into your wardrobe based on your frame and style. 

Here’s how to style 4 types of jeans according to Nigerian style stars…


1. Selvedge Jeans

How to style jeans
Steve Onoja

Selvedge jeans are made from a form of fortified unwashed denim which gives off a clean natural look with edges that do not fray. The selvedge characteristic refers to the edges of the fabric.

selvedge jeans

Selvedge jeans is usually more expensive because of the finishing and properties. There are a lot of combinations selvedge jeans can be paired with. From casual to business casual looks, selvedge jeans go a long way in delivering a very polished look.

2. Straight Jeans


Straight jeans are regular cut jeans with the trouser legs cut straight from the knees to the hems. This type of jeans is usually looser as the trouser is the same size from the knees down. A lot of brands make this type of jeans but with their unique details. This type of jeans is best combined with looser fitting layers. Wearing it with fitted layers will leave one looking unappealing.

3. Slim Jeans

Akin Faminu

Most people go for this option because it is a good balance between fit and comfort. It is advisable for those who are new to wearing more fitting jeans to start here and go slimmer (skinny jeans) or looser (straight jeans) depending on their comfort and style. Slim jeans have the ability to follow the shape of the legs to form a nice silhouette while giving a perfect fit. These can be worn with anything and everything from a nice T-shirt to a casual blazer.

4. Skinny Jeans

How to style jeans
The Fine Styler

Skinny jeans are tighter than slim jeans and have a close fit with the legs. They can make one look taller because of the tapered ends. This type of jeans is better suited for slimmer guys as it would wrap around too tightly on people with larger frames. Skinny jeans are most suitable for smart casual looks. Think looks involving jackets and knitwear.

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