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How to Make Nigerian Peanut Butter aka Ose Oji & Garden Egg | SR Recipes

How to Make Nigerian Peanut Butter aka Ose Oji & Garden Egg | SR Recipes

Ose Oji

I am a peanut lover. Like I crave peanuts at odd times of the day. In the morning, while at work and in the middle of the night. As a child I somehow developed a love for Nigerian peanut butter which is popularly known as Ose Oji and garden egg. I remember this combo was usually shared at elders’ gatherings or at traditional functions… and I always wondered why it wasn’t a staple at my kind of parties. So whenever I came across Ose Oji and garden egg, I would have as much as I could to the surprise of the elders around – #YOLO.

As I got older, I eventually learned how to make Ose Oji and my indulgence only grew. It’s really fascinating having peanuts grounded in a mortar, then mixed with spices and pepper (in large doses) and viola! something so creamy, so tasty is born.

The Igbos are quite familiar with this recipe as Ose Oji is very popular and an essential part of Igbo culture and tradition.  Wherever one or two Igbo elders are gathered, best believe Ose Oji will be present. In the Igbo culture, Ose Oji is traditionally served with Kola Nuts and sometimes garden egg or cucumber but you already know I am a fan of garden eggs as the side.

I guess I am of age now and you can tell this craving isn’t far from my reach anymore. So I figured I should share my silly craving with you.

How to Make Ose Oji


  • 1 Cup of Roasted Peanuts
  • 2 Calabash Nutmegs
  • 1 Table spoon of Chili Pepper
  • Vegetable Oil


  • Roast, then grind the calabash nutmeg to powder.
  • Add nutmeg and chili pepper to the roasted peanuts and pound in a mortar.
  • Add minute amounts of vegetable oil as you keep pounding to make the resulting paste creamy and smooth.
  • Viola! Our Nigerian peanut butter is ready to be served with fresh garden eggs.
  • You can even bore a hole in the middle of your garden egg, pour the peanut butter in it, and munch away. #yummy!

Bon Appetite!


You can also serve Ose Oji with grilled meat and fish.


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