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New Music Alert! COBHAMS ASUQUO Releases New Music Titled ‘One Hit’ To Celebrate His Birthday | Listen!

New Music Alert! COBHAMS ASUQUO Releases New Music Titled ‘One Hit’ To Celebrate His Birthday | Listen!


When you’re gifted, it easily shows and Cobhams Asuquo has shown once again that his talents cannot be taken from him. The talented producer, singer and songwriter, has a special birthday gift for music lovers and fans titled “One Hit Song”. In the song, Cobhams Asuquo prays that every struggling gifted talent blows this new year with just One Hit Song.

The track which drips with a lot of soul, reveals the topmost and inner desire in the heart of all aspiring musicians. This is one song that will surely inspire every talent out there who aspires to make a difference with their gift. This is one track I have not been able to stop listening to.


Cobhams took to his Instagram page to explain his inspiration for the song;

“Over the years I have watched many musicians come from nothing to become the stars that they are today. Last year in particular, I saw many people become successful practically overnight; and not just once but many times over.

In the same vein, I have also the honor of meeting some of the most gifted individuals in my experience who have nothing but their talent, a dream and a light in their hearts that keeps them going in the hope that one day their day will come.

Against the ever mounting odds that threaten to put out that light they keep believing. I know your desperation. I have been there and have been fortunate enough to come through, so this to encourage you to hang in there. This song is for you – whoever you are, if you’ve have tried and failed so many times and teetered on the edge of giving up but just cannot bring yourself to do so.

This song is for you who needs just that One shot, One chance, One…something – whatever it is…, that will make a difference in your life; One Hit is my heartfelt prayer that this year, you find your ONE HIT”.

Listen and enjoy!

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