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We Unanimously Agree! No Dull Nails For Summer 2024

We Unanimously Agree! No Dull Nails For Summer 2024

Subtle nails this summer? Not a chance! Thanks to the mood of spring, our nails have become acquainted with soft, neutral tones to complement the delicate floral patterns and pastel color palettes of the season. Barely-there pinks, nudes with just a whisper of shimmer, and sheer whites spoke to the understated elegance of the season. So, with summer underway, it’s time to ditch those tame colors in favor of something bolder and brighter. When the sun is blazing and the drinks have tiny umbrellas, dull nails feel like a sin–and you know it.

Photo: @nailartbychlo/Instagram

This summer, your nails need to be as vibrant as the beach towels and as eye-catching as the fire dancers under the starry night sky. We’ve curated the hottest nails for summer 2024 that turn heads, whether you’re poolside or painting the town red. Get ready to call your nail artist and book that silky silk, butter Baume, or acrylic fill because these designs are going to have you insisting on a fun summer.

Check out these hot nails for summer 2024…

#1. Fruity nails

Photo: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

What could be more quintessentially summer than nails that look sumptuously tempting? Imagine Kiwis, strawberries, oranges, and limes brought to life on your nails with bright, juicy shades and 3D texture. Oval or almond-shaped nails are the perfect canvas for these fruity delights. Lemon nails with sugar sprinkles, watermelon nails dripping with black seeds, or even a full fruity bouquet on each nail will make your hands look as delicious as a tropical smoothie.

Best for: Pool parties, beach trips, barbecues

#2. Glitters and chrome

Photo: @memnails/Instagram

When the sun goes down, it’s time to turn up the volume and sparkle like the dazzling gemstone you are. Chrome and glittering metallics are white-hot this summer, whether you opt for cool silvers and gunmetals or rose gold and copper shimmers. Pair these show-stopping sparkles with square or coffin-shaped nails for miles of radiant shine. Accent nails with bursts of gemstone studs or chunky cosmic glitters will have you rivaling the night sky.

Best for: Vegas vacations, nightclubs, hard-rock parties 

#3. Summer petals

Photo: @scratchmagazine/Instagram

There’s nothing brighter than a field of wildflowers, so let that natural inspiration guide your summer nails. Long almond or stiletto nails provide the perfect blank canvas for miniature gardens of daisies, sunflowers, poppies, and anything else blooming under the summer sun. Also, hand-painted details or intricately sculpted 3D flowers amp up the whimsical, warm-weather vibe. A simple base of buttercream yellow, lush green, or sky blue lets the botanical accents steal the spotlight.

Best for: Garden parties, music festivals, farmers’ markets

#4. Nights and stars

Photo: @lesmainscelestes/Instagram

When the temperature rises, people inevitably find themselves spending more evenings under the starry skies. Capture that magic on your nails with dark blue or inky black bases adorned with metallic moons, stars, planets, and constellations. Negative space lunar nails are ultra-chic, but you can also opt for galaxy nails swirling with deep purples, bold magentas, and pops of electric blue. Consider accent nails with star-stuffed galaxies or oversized feature stars for boldness that burns brighter than Sirius.

Best for: Summer camping, backyard bonfires, drive-in movies

#5. Color blocking

Photo: @heygreatnails/Instagram

This graphic nail trend is the intersection of eye-catching and laid-back summer vibes. Color-blocking involves painting each nail (or sections of each nail) in bold, contrasting hues with a matte finish. Red and yellow, pink and green, or blue and lavender are striking color combos evoking beach balls and vacation vibrancy. For shorter, rounded nails, it’s all about embracing the playful.

Best for: Lazy summer days, picnics, outdoor concerts

#6. Shades of pink


You can never go wrong with pink nails for summer, and this year’s neon brights and vibrant fuchsias add some serious punch. Lean into the Miami Vice vibe with shockingly hot pinks, deep raspberry shades, and fierce fuchsia flames. Coffin or stiletto nails painted with color-shifting multi-chrome pinks—morphing from hot pink to lavender and back again—are truly mesmerizing and perfect for summertime sass. Also, shimmery rose gold accents add warmth and luxe to these look-at-me manis.

Best for: Bachelorette parties, Miami beach trips, rooftop bars

#7. Purple daze

Photo: @memnails/Instagram

Purple is the new black for sultry summer nails that effortlessly blend edgy and glamorous. Go big and bold with lilac, lavender, or mauve nails, or seduce with deep royal purples, plums, and mysterious aubergines. Stiletto or coffin nail shapes provide plenty of lengths to showcase color gradients or tortoiseshell effects fading into deep purple hues. Sparkling crystals, chunky sugary shimmers, and even tiny black lace details add enchantment to these sorcerous shades.

Best for: Summer goth weddings, dark shadows music festivals, dimly lit speakeasies

#8. Sun and clouds

Photo: @mydumbnails/Instagram

Bring some of that bright summer sunshine to your nails with a clear azure base and cheerful puffs of white, gray, and yellow cloud scenes across each nail. These whimsical nails are the perfect balance of childlike playfulness and serene skyscapes. Short, round nails look especially sweet with minimalist cloud illustrations, whereas extra-long coffin or stiletto nails allow for even more intricate scenes complete with sun rays, rainbows, and dreamy contrail designs.

Best for: Family reunions, amusement park trips, children’s parties

The dog days of summer are here, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to trade in those dull, drab nails for a mani/pedi that slays as hard as the summer heat. Call your nail artist ASAP and get ready to firmly cement your spot as the head-turning “It” girl wherever you go this summer.

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