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Monochrome Elegance: No One Does It Quite Like KEFILWE MABOTE!

Monochrome Elegance: No One Does It Quite Like KEFILWE MABOTE!

Kefilwe Mabote is simply a style genius and today, we are taking a peek at her incredible monochrome combinations. Millennials with style will always make a splash because they are attractive and as we know, the brain cannot resist anything that looks spectacular just like we can’t resist Kefilwe’s minimal yet superb monochrome looks.

While we’ve featured the top South African stylist a few times over the years, we are spotlighting her yet again in recognition of her latest elegant style choices.

One unique quality of Kefilwe Mabote’s style is her approach to it. Hers is one of a kind because while others are crazed by idealized glamour, Kefilwe builds her look methodically focusing on what she’s in love with at a particular point in time and right now, the fashion enthusiast is really digging monochrome looks. Looking through her recent images, it’s obvious that she has mastered the basics on how to style a monochrome look and beyond.

Adding the taste of eccentricity, sophistication and freedom, Kefilwe’s expression of how to look dashing in monochromatic ensembles characterizes her true nature as a fashion stylist. If you expect to be bored because you think the monochrome look is so overrated then try again because the generally less decorative monochrome styles cannot be found on Kefilwe. What you’ll see is a taste of class, personal interest and style and we bet you’ll be totally inspired.

Looking for exciting ways to style your next look? Here’s how Kefilwe would want you to do it…


Photo Credit: IG | Kefilwe_mabote

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