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Model Spotlight: Watch Out Ashley Graham, LIRIS CROSSE Is On The Rise!

Model Spotlight: Watch Out Ashley Graham, LIRIS CROSSE Is On The Rise!

Liris Crosse, a 39-year-old model from Randallstown, U.S.A. came to prominence after winning Project Runway’s 16th season. As the season began, it was clear that it would be different, boasting of a model cast with diverse body types. Week after week, Liris strutted across the room, serving her signature walk, even when most of the things she wore weren’t well received. Her star quality was undeniable and this is even more obvious as she keeps soaring.

It might seem like she just stepped into the industry but the truth couldn’t be farther, Liris Crosse has been on this journey for over a decade.

As she is praised for becoming Project Runway’s first plus size winner, she maintains her class and poise; after all, her winning wasn’t as a result of being just an overnight success story but from years of hard work.

Her love for the trade, of course, started like everyone else’s story; she grew up looking at magazines, loving what she saw and wanting to be like the women in the magazine. Her love only grew as she landed a modelling contract in her teens and thus began to appear in various projects and campaigns as well as acting roles.

If you say Liris Crosse has been around then you would be right! The fast-rising top model shares her experiences by doing the second thing she loves most, teaching. She currently runs a boot camp to help other upcoming models in addition to the many other projects she works on daily.

Liris is tapping into her experience in an industry that is just beginning to change for the better, and doing it with the elegance and poise you would expect from someone who’s walked her path.

Here’s a look at how Liris Crosse kicks it in style…

Photo Credit: IG | @lirisc

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