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10 Dandy Men’s Fashion Trends To Try This Spring

10 Dandy Men’s Fashion Trends To Try This Spring



pring is officially here—and with it comes the need for a befitting wardrobe. From beauty essentials like fragrances to wardrobe basics like light jackets, we’ve highlighted the wardrobe essentials every man needs this season. Now, to cast a wider net, we’ll be diving into men’s fashion trends for spring, with a respectful nod to the past. From the fierce resurgence of animal prints to the daring embrace of metallic accents, this season promises to be a playground of style experimentation and boundary-pushing aesthetics.

Here are the dandy fashion trends for men to try this spring… 

#1. Animal prints

Who still thinks animal prints are only meant for the ladies? Certainly not menswear designers for Spring/Summer 2024, as they have chosen to embrace the wild side with their impressive lineup. From snake to tiger, leopard to zebra prints, these bold patterns are taking center stage. Brands like Jil Sander and Saint Laurent are showcasing snakeskin and leopard print coats, adding a touch of oomph to men’s wardrobes.

#2. Short-shorts resurgence

Driven by the goal to change the perceptions of masculinity with evolving fashion preferences, and a desire for more daring and expressive styles, designers and brands like Prada, Martine Rose, and Christopher Shannon are leading the way with ultra-shorts. These shorts have been around since the 1970s and 1980s with inseams measuring under four inches. Now, they’re back with more risqué to offer a fresh take on warm-weather wear.

#3. Studio 54 revival

Designers are taking inspiration from this era, but with a contemporary edge, channeling the spirit of Studio 54 with sequined embellishments and retro-futuristic styles. From bedazzled shirts to sequinned blazers, this spring fashion trend for men brings a disco vibe to modern menswear. Velvet, satin, and silk are sure to add a touch of opulence to your outfit. And, to complete the look, wide-leg trousers in statement prints or luxurious fabrics are it.

#4. Oversized double-breasted jackets

Double-breasted jackets are making a statement with oversized and loose fits in the spring of 2024. Brands like Gucci and Ralph Lauren are reimagining this classic piece, creating loose and open silhouettes that exude sophistication and style.

#5. Baggy shorts

While mini shorts remain popular, longer and baggier iterations are gaining traction for spring cut-offs. Designers are pairing oversized, floaty blazers with knee-skimming shorts, offering a relaxed and casual yet stylish look for the season.

#6. Crochet craze

Crochet is having a moment in men’s fashion, featuring delicate coats, beachy tops, and bold warm-weather wear. From luxury labels to fast fashion brands, crochet pieces are becoming staples in wardrobes. This technique extends to intricate lace tops and fisherman-inspired jackets, offering a unique and stylish twist to spring and summer outfits.

#7. Street style essentials

Embrace street style essentials like knit tanks, bandanas, and matching sets for a casual yet trendy look. Simple outfits paired with running shoes and team jerseys are key elements in achieving effortless style.

#8. Grandpa-core style

The ‘grandpa-core’ aesthetic is making waves in 2024, embracing sweater vests, colored cardigans, high-waisted trousers, and easy loafers. This cozy yet relaxed look is championed by celebrities like A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator, adding a nostalgic touch to modern fashion. Beyond clothing, this trend extends to homeware, with vintage-inspired pieces taking the spotlight.

#9. Metallic accents

Give your wardrobe a celestial upgrade with metallic items that exude a princely-futuristic vibe. Designers like Eli Russell Linnetz are leading the way with collections immersed in metallic tones, offering a transformative and eye-catching element to outfits. Silver elements from brands like Hed Mayner and Marine Serre are introducing a touch of celestial flair to men’s fashion.

#10. Thrifting and sustainability

As sustainability gains momentum, thrifting is becoming a significant trend among woke Gen Z and young millennials. Ditching traditional retail, individuals are opting for second-hand treasures that boast character and a unique vintage style. This trend not only benefits the planet but also allows for the creation of distinctive and eco-conscious outfits. Featured image: Mark Seliger via @usher/Instagram

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