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Mayorkun Makes A Groovy 2023 Debut With ‘For Daddy’ + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs

Mayorkun Makes A Groovy 2023 Debut With ‘For Daddy’ + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs


At this juncture in Afrobeats’ ascending trajectory, the worldwide embrace and taking a liking to the genre isn’t much of an anomaly. Judging by the caliber of songs Afrobeats crooners put out, it is no surprise the genre keeps expanding for the better. This week, we see the return of serial hitmaker, Mayorkun as he delivers his first song of 2023 titled For Daddy.

Rema also surprised fans with not one but three new songs and the deluxe version of his internationally acclaimed album, Raves and Roses. As it’s our custom to curate a bop-worthy weekly list of the top five trending new Afrobeats songs for you to expand your playlist, here is our upbeat selection for this week. 

Check out the top 5 trending new Afrobeats songs released this week…

#1. Mayorkun – For Daddy

Mayorkun, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, makes his entrance into the 2023 music debate with an undeniably engaging offering flaunting a demonstration of artistic prowess and musical refinement. Titled For Daddy, this song demonstrates Mayorkun’s ongoing artistic development and leaves a noticeable mark on the soundscape of modern Nigerian music. Mayorkun expertly combines a complex tapestry of aural components as the echoes of “For Daddy” ricochet through the airways, fusing related genres and musical influences into a harmonic symphony.

#2. Rema – Charm

Rema has chosen to release an improved version of the Rave & Roses album, an ultra (deluxe) edition, as a symbol of his unwavering devotion to his craft and commitment to his devoted following. In addition to the previously released groundbreaking remix of Calm Down featuring Selena Gomez, as well as Holiday and Reason You, this reimagined version of the album also includes the brand-new songs Charm, Hov, and Dunno Me. Afrobeats, pop, and R&B are all combined in the slow-tempo song Charm. The song features Rema’s sultry voice, a captivating tempo, and lyrics that describe Rema’s vows to his girlfriend.

#3. Victony ft. Omah Lay and Tempoe – Soweto (Remix 2.0)

Victony and Tempoe’s first Soweto Remix, which combined the incredible abilities of Don Toliver and Rema, thrilled the fans. However, in the midst of this whirlwind of joy, an unofficial version, featuring the incomparable Omah Lay, covertly surfaced on social media and enchanted listeners. The unofficial Soweto Remix, featuring the mellifluous vocal prowess of Omah Lay, captured the attention of admirers who found themselves magnetically pulled to its harmonies and enticing melodies. It was like a resonant symphony booming through the digital corridors.

#4. Young Jonn – Aquafina

Young Jonn, a singer-songwriter and producer signed to Chocolate City, unveils a musical masterpiece with his most recent track, Aquafina. A spellbinding fusion of melodies, throbbing rhythms, and a revitalizing sound palette are presented by the hitmaker of both languages (singing and producing). Young Jonn pours life into Aquafina, giving it an appealing energy and rhythm using his talent as a producer and singer-songwriter. The song exudes a bright aura, and its pulsating beats encourage listeners to give in to the music’s seduction. A perfect fusion of elements emerges within the hypnotic depths of Aquafina, radiant with the unmistakable creativity of Young Jonn.

#5. T.I Blaze – Wire

T.I. Blaze, a gifted singer-songwriter, just dropped a new song titled Wire. The song, an Afrobeats and Amapiano mashup, is a pleasant composition that displays T.I. Blaze’s individuality and talent. Afrobeats and Amapiano are combined in the single that comes after the publication of his debut album El Major, generating a sound that is both upbeat and melodic. The lyrics are also spot on; they discuss the ups and downs of life as well as the value of perseverance and hard work. Wire is another example of his skill as a songwriter and performer. It demonstrates his capacity to produce music that is engaging and profound, connecting with listeners on a deep level genius.

Featured image: @iammayorkun/Instagram

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