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Sexy Calls! 5 Lingerie Trends Guaranteed To Unleash Your Sexy

Sexy Calls! 5 Lingerie Trends Guaranteed To Unleash Your Sexy



he irresistable thing about slipping into nice lingerie, whether on-trend or classic underwear, is the undeniable confidence it inspires. When standing in front of a mirror admiring oneself or slipping out of that scintillating robe to the fascination of your partner, the lingerie wields enough power to change your strides to peacock status.

Why be in tune with lingerie trends when most people can’t tell the difference between fresh out-of-the-runway lingerie and the ones lying in your mom’s drawers? First, why miss out on the fun of adorning a seductive see-through to being comfortable in subtler underwear? Secondly, the more variations in your closet, the easier it is to incorporate a few into actual daywear. Yes, the subtle ones can be tucked into pants with a jacket layered on (it’s called under suiting) and a few can be styled like any other top on a sassy night out because: “less is more” sometimes. Whatever the case, being up to date with lingerie trends is a necessity, for when sexy calls, you better be at the receiver, turning up in style and oozing ample amounts of sassfidence.

These 5 lingerie trends will definitely make you feel “sexay”…

#1. The silk-lace dress

You can wear this effortless piece under your duvet with hair rollers and makeup on, recreating the classy Hollywood glam cliche on Val’s night, or pair it with boots and a jacket for that sizzling reveal. It’s the underwear version of the slip dress which you can rock outside without second thoughts.


#2. Sheer perfection

It’s a given—we are piling up sheer separates for Spring. Once the coats go back on the hanger, the sheer bodysuits are coming out to play. Keep things fun with a bralette and sheer dress, or an all-black power suit with a colorful sheer mesh bodysuit peeking through. And for the big night, a full-on see-through underwear is the code, because every relationship blossoms in transparency, am I right?


#3. Bold hues

Lingerie trends have come a long way, from typical black or white underwear to individuals becoming more experimental with their style choices—lingerie inclusive. Individuality plays a role in color picks, like choosing bright and whimsical hues. This Valentine’s day, opt for lime green or the default red lingerie for that extra steamy between the sheets. If you are single, dressing up for yourself is still in vogue.

#4. The embellished lingerie

Beads, pearls, and embellishments in general make everything look desirable. Which is the goal for any underwear–to spotlight the relevant assets. The embellished lingerie steps out of the comfort zone, exactly what is needed in the bedroom. Zero nonchalance and heightened imagination should be what underwear has to offer. Remember to take these beauties off before commencing with the night’s program lineup, to avoid slipping on scattered beads and dislocating the waist. (LOL).


#5. Bra tops

Lingerie trends have gone full cycle and back to the bra top as we all know it. Since these classics walked the Spring 2022 runway, fashionistas have been spotted pairing the bra tops with midi skirts, and they look amazeballs. Comfort and sexy lingerie are not mutually exclusive. Opt for comfortable classics that pass the sexy vibe check. True, they exist!

Featured image: nappy | Pexels

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