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Let NINI ENEFOLA Show You How To Convert 1 African Print Into 5 Exciting Designs

Let NINI ENEFOLA Show You How To Convert 1 African Print Into 5 Exciting Designs

African Prints are popular in and out of the continent but the hype isn’t just because it has become an important part of our cultural identity but because its sheer beauty is truly worth all of the hype. Available in thousands of unique designs and patterns, further research reveals that each stroke on an African print has a meaning and every shade a reason.

This embedded secret of the fabric having a cultural meaning adds to its charm and may explain why it’s remained appealing to every generation since it landed on the shores of Africa. Aside from this fact, African prints like Ankara are top fabric choices because you can have it custom-tailored. The ability to have the print tailored to your own design is a major reason millennials like Nini Enefola of House of Nini keep experimenting with the prints.

The fashion influencer whose brand is focused on selling the beauty of fashion using African prints is a huge fan of Ankara fabric. Nini, who is the number one model for her brand took to Instagram to share a collage of all five styles she created using a single Ankara “material” and we dare say they all looked simply fabulous.

Seriously, how cute are these? Nini is certainly speaking our style!

Here’s a closer look at the designs… 

Photo Credit: Ig | Houseofnini1

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