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Let AMA GODSON Show You How To Effortlessly Rock Contrasting Prints

Let AMA GODSON Show You How To Effortlessly Rock Contrasting Prints

In 2016, there was a slow purge as every fashion rule that we knew began to receive a facelift. In 2017, this purge grew even bigger and we saw the demise of many fashion rules and our favourite has to be the rule against mixing prints. Why this rule was created in the first place remains a mystery but since it was broken we’ve not been able to get enough of it; well, at least some of us, including fashion blogger Ama Godson.

The others who aren’t keen on breaking this rule just yet are either in fear or are hesitant. Placing two contrasting print together isn’t something you can easily visualize and when you actually do carry it out, there are only two possible outcomes: a well-executed style masterpiece or a style flop of gigantic proportions.

This is where Ama Godson comes in. Somehow, the UK-based style consultant and stylist has mastered foolproof ways of nailing the mixed print look. Ama is a pro at mixing contrasting patterns and printed fabrics to deliver a rave-worthy look. Whether it is a floral print mixed with a geometric one, she bends this old fashion rule so effortlessly and will inspire you to do same.

Here are the ways Ama Godson rocks her contrasting prints…

Splash Print on Leopard Print:

Plaid on Plaid:

Snake Print x Snake Print:

Artistic Print on Camouflage:

Plaid x Plaid:

Photo Credit: Ig | Amagodson_a

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