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Le Reve Bride Showcases A Stunning Bridal Lookbook With New Fine Jewellery Collection

Le Reve Bride Showcases A Stunning Bridal Lookbook With New Fine Jewellery Collection

Le Reve Bride presents ‘The Fine Jewellery Collection’ featuring top model Aduke. Le Reve Bride simply means the ‘The Dream Bride’ in French. The Lagos-based bridal company supplies brides with all their needs from neck-pieces to bracelets, veils, robes and all other accessories.

The collection showcases stunning bridal inspiration looks for different types of brides. The pieces are all made from Cubic Zirconia, Crystals, and Rhinestones. Although the collection is bridal themed, it is not limited to brides only. These pieces are targeted for all kinds of special occasions.

A look at the collection

The Dream Bride

The Dream Bride is extremely beautiful, breathtaking and bold. She is almost too good to be true because of her striking features. Every man desires her! However, she desires only true love. She will keep dreaming till her fairytale prince arrives.

The Vintage Bride

The Vintage Bride is Classic. She loves the 1920s vintage look and has the perfect eye for Classic Pieces. She is very glamorous and will leave you staring.

The Modern Bride

The Modern Bride is fierce, contemporary and bold. She is ready to shine and outshine all her guests. She loves extravagant things and is not afraid to show it.

The Traditional Bride

The African woman inspires this look. She is from a cultural background and believes much in her traditional values. She is a queen and she is proud to show it off.

The Regal Bride

The Regal Bride is royal, strong and extremely elegant. Her inner radiance shines through her face. She is truly special. All hail the queen!

The Classic Bride

She is natural, old school, simple but very stylish. She enjoys being herself and has no desire to fit in. However, she will make this extra effort for her wedding day.

So which bride are you?

Creative Team

Creative Director: Jen Olize | @JenniferOlize for @Lerevebride

Model: Aduke | @Adukebey_

Photography: Kelvin | @Oak_c

Styling: JReason Brand Lagos | @JReason_

Hair: Zubby Definition | @zubbydefinition

Makeup: Jane | @FlawlessFacesByJane

For the latest in fashion, lifestyle and culture, follow us on Instagram @StyleRave_

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