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SR International: Katie Holmes On Her Routine, New Movie ‘Rare Objects,’ And More

SR International: Katie Holmes On Her Routine, New Movie ‘Rare Objects,’ And More


After her breakout role as girl-next-door Joey Potter on “Dawson’s Creek,” Katie Holmes has gone on to play many other parts, including writer, producer, director, and mom. Still, her teen-drama roots remain close to her heart. Katie Holmes Net Worth

When she was starring in the off-Broadway production “The Wanderers” earlier this year, Dawson’s parents were in the audience. “Mary-Margaret Humes, who played Dawson’s mom, flew out with John Wesley Shipp, who played his dad, and they came to the play—which was so sweet and supportive,” she said. (Dawson was famously played by James Van Der Beek.)

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Now that its run at the Roundabout Theatre is over, Ms. Holmes, 44—who reportedly has a net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—has shifted to her next project: the film “Rare Objects,” about two women who forge a friendship in a psychiatric facility. In addition to acting in the film, she directed and co-wrote it.

In an interview, Ms. Holmes, who lives in New York City with her teenage daughter, talked about filming close to home, her reading list, and that cashmere bra.

Here are a few things Katie Holmes revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On what time she wakes up on Mondays, and the first thing she does after waking up:

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Usually, I get up around 8. I try to write out three or four pages, just to get out my thoughts and ready myself for the day. I try to start the week with something creative for myself, like a dance class or maybe I’ll paint for a little bit.

On how long she has been painting:

I’ve been doing it for most of my adult life. I find it to be very soothing in between projects, and there’s such a value in using your hands. Katie Holmes Net Worth

On coffee:

Oh yeah, I have a Keurig, very simple. I need lots of coffee in the morning and throughout the day.

On breakfast:

I’m not a breakfast person and never have been. I love a good lunch. I’m more of a kale salad person.

On how she stays focused while juggling directing, acting, writing, and her day-to-day life:

With “The Wanderers,” I made sure I got my sleep. It’s like a sprint. You’re readying yourself every day for that burst of energy for two hours, and you can’t really have an off night. I’m writing something right now, trying to put together another project. Sometimes you just have to be patient. Take a beat.

On what she’s watching:

I finally watched the first season of “The White Lotus” and “Fleishman Is in Trouble.”

On being an avid reader:

Yes! I’m about to start “Novelist as a Vocation,” by Haruki Murakami. I just finished “Between Two Worlds,” which is Zainab Salbi’s memoir. I’m in the middle of “Small Things Like These,” by Claire Keegan. I go to the bookstore a lot. And I love beautiful writing, so if I see a sentence, I’ll write it down. Maybe I’ll think of that sentence out of context of the book and maybe apply it to a character or the feeling of the way I want something shot. It becomes a source of inspiration.

On co-starring in “Rare Objects,” which is her third film in the director’s chair, and whether it has gotten easier to shift from one side of the camera to the other:

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It’s not getting easier, but it feels like I know what I’m getting into. Knowing what that entails allows me to prepare better each time.

On what it was like to shoot the film in NYC, where she lives:

It was wonderful, not just because of the convenience of sleeping in my own bed, but friends of mine—neighbors—came in and did some work. It felt like everybody was a part of it. And I love New York, so this is a bit of a love letter. The ability to connect with people who do something completely different from you, who have completely different backgrounds—that’s the beauty of this city. It’s a hopeful idea of connectedness that we should all seek, whether we live here or not.

On what makes “Rare Objects,” which is adapted from a novel, something she wanted to see on film:

I’m always looking for something that’s authentic to the human experience. I like complicated characters and stories, and things I’ve seen in real life. And I like the audience to feel a sense of hope at the end—and joy.

On how her relationship with fame has changed in the last decade:

I’ve had a lot of wonderful things happen. I’ve gotten to work with great people. So at this stage, what is it that I want to do? How am I going to contribute to this industry that’s given me a lot? I’m kind of always assessing that. And I mean, fame is different now—everyone’s famous.

On her viral Khaite cashmere bra moment nearly four years ago, and how she feels about all of that attention:

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I love the brand Khaite. But I have no idea why that took off. I’m not sure. I don’t know what a cashmere bra symbolized in terms of women going forward—or backward. I mean, did I burn it? Perhaps the cashmere bra should just have the credit go to its designers, as it was a step in a good direction for women to just have comfortable bras.

On enlisting fashion stylist Brie Welch for the costumes for “Rare Objects?”:

I love the art of dressing and how you can tell a story with an outfit. Brie hadn’t done costumes on a film before, but she is a storyteller in the way she approaches her own style and her work on photo shoots. Katie Holmes Net Worth

On the piece of advice she has received that has guided her:

I was often told, “Oh, all the wisdom is going to come to you in your 40s.” And that didn’t quite happen. However, I think there is truth to getting a little more comfortable in your decisions, your skin. And life is a work in progress. You’re always learning. I think just accepting that is the best sign of wisdom in and of itself.

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