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Here’s How Top Fashion Bloggers Want You To Wear Ankara In 2019

Here’s How Top Fashion Bloggers Want You To Wear Ankara In 2019

Whether you know it or not, curating the best Ankara styles is right up our alley. Remember we hinted you about the Ankara power suit trend weeks before every fashionista started rocking it. As always, we are excited to keep you steps ahead of the game. Now that you have sort of gotten the point, it is about time we let out a secret. There are a few top fashion bloggers who have the coolest ideas on styling Ankara looks and going by their latest Ankara outfits, we know just how they want you to wear Ankara in 2019!

2019 is going to be an even bigger year for fashion in general. African fashion, in particular, is attracting new fans around the world so expect a bigger year for African prints including Ankara. What the African Print brings to the table is a display of vitality, boldness and freshness – a unique mix of characteristics that are often lacking in popular global fashion trends.

Honey, old boring styles aren’t going to cut it this year! The blogger-approved designs for 2019 are simple and stunning, and provide the versatility of wearing Ankara designs to certain places without getting referred to as “too local.” With the latest fashionable designs, we’re seeing a nice fusion of traditional African and western styles.

There is a style and creative concussion brewing and as Style Ravens, you ought to be updated.

Here’s how top fashion bloggers want you to wear Ankara in 2019…

Agatha [Irony Of Ashi]

Marii Pvzz

Jennifer Amani

Angel Obasi [Style Connaisseur]

Olaj Arel

Angel Love Davis

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