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Top Bloggers Show How To Rock The Afro And Red Lipstick Look

Top Bloggers Show How To Rock The Afro And Red Lipstick Look

Every afro look should be accompanied by red lipstick. Why? Because it’s a surefire combination! Afros are hot, red lipsticks are sexy and who wouldn’t want to be seen in a hot and sexy look that comes across as effortless?

Seriously, nothing screams super sexy like a black girl rocking an afro hairstyle with popping red lips. It is definitely a sight for sore eyes and I’d choose this look over others any day, anytime.

Afro And Red Lipstick
Nneka Ibeabuchi

There’s an alluring vibe about this bomb look. It is fierce yet demure in a way that screams: unapologetic, bold beauty! In recent times, black girls have been taking the afro look to a whole different level.

Top beauty bloggers like Whitney Madueke, Naturallytemi and Ronke Raji are just a few examples of beauty influencers who make us drool with how they style their afros. More often than not, they dab on some red lipstick to seal the look and the result is pure magic – #blackgirlmagic.

Looking to try this look even if it’s just for the weekend?

Check out how top bloggers are rocking the afro and red lipstick look…

Efik Zara
Whitney Madueke
Ronke Raji

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