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How To Prevent Mold On Clothes In Your Wardrobe

How To Prevent Mold On Clothes In Your Wardrobe



here’s nothing worse than picking up that dress you planned to wear or those shoes you’ve been saving for that special date and boom, it’s covered in mold. First, there’s the confusion on how it got there and then, how you get it off. Oh dear, totally relatable.

What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows due to moisture and consists of small organisms found almost everywhere. They can be black, white, orange, green, or purple. The major cause of mold is the lack of ventilation. When not tackled immediately, mold can spread to other parts of the home and cause health problems like congestion, sore throat, mucous, headaches, and cough. So, it is best to tackle the issue as soon as it’s sighted. 

Your wardrobe is a favorite nesting ground for mold as the lack of ventilation in there is the perfect environment it needs to thrive. Whether on clothes, shoes, or bags, molds can adhere firmly to your items and consequently, damage them. Worse still, they can spread from your closet into other parts of your home.

Check out 7 proven ways to prevent molds on clothes in your wardrobe…

#1. Use a dehumidifier

Photo: Ali Express

As stated earlier moisture is a notorious culprit for mold in your closet, so the most logical approach is to do your best to reduce the humidity present in the air within your wardrobe. A good way to go about this is to place a dehumidifier within the area. Of course, the size of our closets varies so bear this in mind when making a choice.

#2. Keep a light on

Photo: Rodolfo Clix/Pexels

Another great way to prevent molds on clothes is to turn on the switch, literally. Ideally, a 60–100-watt bulb can help dry out the air inside of your closet, as per Home Stratosphere. All you have to do is to leave the bulb on for about six hours each day, and it will get the job done. Do note, however, that you should keep the bulb a safe distance away from clothes and other flammable items.

#3. Aerate your wardrobe

Photo: Zoe van

Your wardrobe needs to be properly ventilated at all times. There is a lot of stuff crammed into it that can cause stuffiness, hence creating the right conditions for mold growth, and FYI, leather is a prime victim. You can easily do this by leaving the wardrobe doors open, after all, who would come in to look at the content inside?

#4. Keep damp clothes outside your wardrobe

Photo: Photos by Lanty/Unsplash

Avoid putting damp clothes in your wardrobe, unless of course, you want the mold to come in to stay. Even if you’re in a hurry to get your clothes out of the rain, be wise to leave them out of your closet to dry properly. Wait, at least, 24 hours before you hang it up. That’s how to prevent mold on clothes. 

#5. Make sure your wardrobe is not tightly fitted against the wall

Photo: Rumman Amin/Unsplash

Walls sweat you know and having your wardrobe a few inches from the walls will help minimize condensation. Also, it’s best to give away those clothes you don’t wear anymore, as too many clothes in a small space can make your closet a mold paradise. Your clothes need some breathing space, so a crammed-up wardrobe does more harm than good. 

#6. Clean your closet, literally

Photo: cottonbro/Pexels

If you’re thinking about how to prevent mold on clothes, then occasionally cleaning the wardrobe surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and water could go a long way in ridding your closet of any growing mold. 

#7. Always check for molds

Photo: Sarah Brown/Unsplash

Finally, don’t be complacent. Always check for molds on your clothes, shoes, and bags. Most times, early detection makes a whole lot of a difference.

Featured image: Huy Nguyen/Unsplash

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