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DIY Spa: 10 Easy Ways To Care For Your Feet At Home

DIY Spa: 10 Easy Ways To Care For Your Feet At Home


Sometimes we procrastinate about everything. “Oh! I’ll work out tomorrow,” “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow,” “I’ll take get a pedicure tomorrow.“ It may be easy to get away with doing things, thanks to procrastination, but it’s never the best route. Rather than procrastinate a good feet care session, you could meanwhile, follow simple tips to take care of your feet at home.

Feet care is necessary for overall health as failure to adequately care for your feet could lead to conditions like fungal infections and hammertoes. Also, it is important to note that your feet can tell you a lot about your general health condition or warn you of underlying health conditions long before other parts of your body. In other words, feet health has an overall ripple effect on the entire body so care for them properly. Thus, knowing a few tricks and tips to help care for your feet will save you from future foot troubles.

Check out 10 effective tips on how to care for your feet at home…

#1. Dust your feet with baby powder

Photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán | Pexels

According to Good Housekeeping and many other experts, sprinkling baby powder on your feet can help deal with sweaty feet. This is because the powder will absorb excess moisture which can cause smelly feet. Plus, baby powder is made for babies so you can be sure it’ll be super-duper mild. 

#2. Do the leg-up-the-wall pose 

Photo: Thirdman | Pexels

After a long day, give your feet yoga care by doing the legs-up-the-wall yoga pose. According to Cyndi Lee of Yoga Journal, “this pose also gives blood circulation a gentle boost toward the upper body and head, which creates a pleasant rebalancing after you have been standing or sitting for a long time. If you are stressed, fatigued, or jet-lagged, this pose is especially refreshing.” Simply put, it not only relaxes your feet but your overall body. How to: Lie flat on your back and keep your legs on the wall. That simple. 

#3. Trim your nails often

Photo: Prographer_ | Pixabay

Nails breed germs, and it’s especially true for toenails. After walking about your daily activities, your toenails might have stubbornly held on to germs that are definitely not good for you. It’s your responsibility to always break off the toxic germs-toenails relationship. However, do note that while trimming your nails, don’t trim too deep to avoid ingrown nails.

#4. Scrub your heels regularly

Photo: Cottonbro | Pexels

This is a great way to care for your feet. Try a foot soak in warm water then use a pumice stone to scrub. They remove dead skin and calluses, especially in the heel. There are also natural scrubs like vinegar, lemon, and paraffin wax, or just buy an over-the-counter foot scrub to aid exfoliation.

#5. Make moisturizing a habit

Applying a moisturizer helps smoothen and soften the feet. Wouldn’t it be blissful to feel your feet void of rough edges and dry skin cells? Of course, we know the answer.


#6. Keep your feet dry

Photo: Stephanie Allen | Pexels

It’s one thing to wash your feet regularly and another to keep them dry at all times. Wet feet are a recipe for eventual infection. It could breed a whole lot of anti-healthy feet microbes, like bacteria and fungi. To properly care for your feet, you need to air-dry your feet properly before throwing on stockings or shoes.

#7. Get a pedicure often

Bring the spa to your home. Your feet have been carrying you all day, they deserve some TLC. To take good care of your feet, carry out a pedicure every fortnight. However, you could try out a DIY at-home pedicure, there are numerous tutorials on the internet. 

#8. Keep ill-fitted shoes at bay

Photo: Chentusoul | Pixabay

Style before comfort sounds like the fashionable thing to do but in reality, ill-fitted shoes not only cause great discomfort, they also cause a lot of foot health issues.

#9. Air out your shoes

Asides from the terrible smell that seeps out of wet and dirty shoes, it’s also a good host for fungi. To prevent fungal infections, air dry your shoes after wearing them. You can’t waste all that time caring for your feet and then slide right back into smelly shoes. The word for that is “futility.”

#10. Always inspect your feet


Routinely observing your feet could help you curb any arising foot issues early. Check in-between your toes, and look out for cracks, sores, and anything out of the ordinary. If you notice anything unusual, attend to it ASAP.

Always treat your feet right. After running all the errands around here, they also deserve some pampering.


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