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Pink Delight! How To Be A Chic Wedding Guest In Pink

Pink Delight! How To Be A Chic Wedding Guest In Pink

As a wedding guest, it is your duty to try your best to adhere to the invitation rules. Every once in a while you get an invite with a dress code by the celebrants, and as the honourable guest you are, you have to oblige.

When the code is PINK!, these looks will help you stand out…

Wedding Guest

Contemporary Fab: We can all agree that pink is such a lovely colour; and an elegant pink dress that oozes modernity and femininity, together with minimal pumps and matching purse, makes for a perfect look.


Pink in the Details: You don’t have to wear pink from head-to-toe! Sometimes, all you need to do is play with the code – find a dress with understated hues; think feminine cuts; think of a floral mix on a pale pink background.


A Splash of Fur: Sticking to a seriously chic dress has been filed under our hypothetical wedding guest guide. But when fur comes into focus like this and doesn’t overwhelm the wearer, you are pushing all the right boundaries.


Mix Master: For most fashion-forward ladies, there is a tendency to channel a less conventional choice; perhaps even a mix of bold hues, which can be a bit controversial. However, one must not deny herself of universally flattering pieces like this one on Titi’s Passion.


The Ethereal Finish: A feminine piece that is form fitting and easy to navigate like this detailed dress is a great choice. And with this finishing? Gorgeousness!


Sleek Back: A simple and straight-forward look is always a great idea and this pink jumpsuit is that great idea for the Style Raven who’s comfortable and confident in her own skin.

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