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How To Apply Magnetic Lashes In Seconds | SR Beauty Hacks

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes In Seconds | SR Beauty Hacks


Adieu to sticky lash glue as magnetic lashes continue to gain popularity. We all admit that applying falsies could be annoying but no pain, no gain right? So we suck it up like true divas because slay we must!

For many makeup lovers, lashes are the icing on the cake to any makeup routine. Once the lashes go on, the deal is sealed! You’ll never understand the confidence that lashes give to the women who love it if you’ve never won one. Think Red Bull gives you wings? Well, Lashes make you fly!

But again, we can’t deny the stress that comes with trying to apply false lashes yourself. Some like me, just save the stress for special occasions. So it’s liberating and quite revolutionary to be able to apply lashes within seconds by just sandwiching your natural lashes in between two magnetic lashes.

While applying the magnetic pair can get a bit tricky, they really do stay put and keep you looking fly all day long.

Yet to try on magnetic lashes? Here’s how to apply them like a pro…

#1. Prep your lashes

Photo: Katherine Arias | Pixabay

Curl your lashes and apply mascara first just like it’s done when applying every other faux lash. This is done first to avoid ruining the magnetic lashes by having mascara smeared all over them. This could ruin them and frustrate your efforts.

#2. Apply the top lashes

The lash kit contains lashes in two different rows, obviously, the top row is for the top of your lashes and the bottom row is for underneath the top lashes.

To easily kick-off, take the top row lash and align it starting from the far right end of your upper lash line, then gently close your eyes for a bit to allow proper placement of the top lashes.

#3. Pop on the lower magnetic lash

Photo: house of legacy | Pixabay

Align the lower lash underneath your top magnetic lashes and the magnet would snap the two rows together automatically. They will sandwich your natural lashes that are at this point, in between the two rows of magnetic lashes. Use your fingers to adjust any rebellious lash strand that feels out of place.

Tada!!! There you have it, as simple as ABC.

Every beginner can easily snap on a set of magnetic lashes anywhere, anytime which makes it so convenient and time-saving. It might take a few trials to master doing it with ease but it gets easier with each trial, so don’t be afraid to try again and again. You’ll be flapping your lashes in no time.

Bonus tip / warning:

  • To prevent damage do not use mascara after applying the magnetic lashes.
  • Place each lash pair along the outer half of your natural lash line.
  • People using hearing aids, pacemakers or defibrillators should not come into contact with this product because of its magnetic properties.

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