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Glam Mama! NIMI NWOFOR Is Fabulousity All The Way!

Glam Mama! NIMI NWOFOR Is Fabulousity All The Way!

Nimi Nwofor is by every definition of the word, a bonafide Fashionista! The urban dictionary has so many meaning of this word but the one that clearly works with the ultra fabulous Nimi is this; “someone who sees fashion as an art and their bodies as the canvas making the sense of style they develop along the way a MASTERPIECE”.

There are so many women who lay a claim to being really fashionable but Nimi Nwofor, popularly known in the world of social media as Nimsdefabulous, truly defines the authentic version of what it means to be fashionable. Every single piece she wears is a hit; whether she’s on her way to church or the gym, the style queen has a taste that is so elegant and pristine it’s hard to ignore.

There’s no doubt that Nimi has a talent for picking out the best pieces, and it doesn’t matter whether she’s rocking high-end fashion brands or made in Nigeria pieces. Somehow the way she assembles her attires are not only exquisite but shows that she truly has raw talents when it comes down to all things fashion and style.

It’s hard to believe that this mother if five (yes you read that right!), wife and business woman doesn’t own anything fashion related, the style star simply enjoys dressing up and promoting fashion brands like the one owned by her bestie Mimi Yina aka Medlinboss.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many times Nimi Nwofor’s style picks have been everything but ordinary…

Source: Instagram-@nimsdefabulouss

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