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Gidi Rave: The Best Meat Recipes Are by Lagosians – We Love to ‘Meat Up’ | SR Living

Gidi Rave: The Best Meat Recipes Are by Lagosians – We Love to ‘Meat Up’ | SR Living

Assorted Meat Pepper Soup by Dobby’s Signature

As I was settling down to write this piece, I could hear the rants of healthy eaters in my head going: ‘eat this or ‘don’t eat meat’. Having lived in Lagos for quite a while, I can tell you for a fact that the majority of Lagosians ain’t about that vegetarian life, in fact, we love to ‘meat up’. As in, get together with friends just to dine over some good meat.

Eating meat in Gidi is a lifestyle. From Suya to Pepper Soup to Isi ewu, meat is always a good idea when one or more Lagosians are gathered. Just like Brazilians, Lagosians love feasting on meat so much they have nicknames for every meat in a butcher’s book. When you are at the slaughter you’ll hear all sort of names flying in the air: ‘Shaki‘, ‘Roundabout‘, ‘Kpomo‘ and ‘Orisirisi‘ being some of the more popular ones. And no Lagos neighborhood is complete without an operating and reliable slaughter.

When you are at a Lagos party, you would so think the word ‘meat’ is synonymous with ‘why we are gathered here’… yup! that’s how much Lagosians are into their meat. The meat-loving lifestyle of Lagosians has brought about so many meat recipes like my favourite, Asun – which is a special kind of spicy barbecued goat meat.

If you’re visiting Lagos, don’t leave town until you’ve explored some of the local meat recipes which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. I have curated some of the best Lagos-inspired meat recipes and the Instagram pages where they are cooked to perfection.

Bon appetite!

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