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From iPhone to Coca Cola, Check Out The 20 Product Designs That Defined The Modern World

From iPhone to Coca Cola, Check Out The 20 Product Designs That Defined The Modern World


he words of the founder of Apple Steve JacobsDesign is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” reverberated through my mind as I read this article by award-winning design writer and critic Stephen Bayley in which he writes on what product design actually is; what design should be; and what design is perceived to be.

In the article the world class author, critic and consultant carefully discusses design in a detailed yet brief manner covering everything from the history, etymology to the key moments of design while simultaneously disabling the myth of what design has been perceived to be, and mentioning some of the product designs that have defined the modern world such as the iPhone, mini-skirt, Coca Cola, Ur-Leica Camera and brassiere; yes the bra!

Here is a brief excerpt from the article which was publish on CNN Style, 

“Design is a defining activity of contemporary life. Like movies and rock, it is unique to contemporary civilization… And the very best designs change things forever. But what is it? Design may be important but it is also muddled. Thirty years ago someone decided that expensively branded carbonated H20 was ‘designer water’ and the word seemed consigned to semantic oblivion, as toxic as ‘celebrity’.

Design is not the same as technological innovation: when the Wright Brothers took off in 1903, it was aeronautics. Nor is design to be confused with inspired invention: Laszlo Biro’s ballpoint pen was the result of restless tinkering and a peculiar fascination with oil-based ink. But what designers do is interpret technology and invention, making them useful and attractive to consumers…’

You can read the read the full article here.

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