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Mental Mondays: Feel Good Activities To Boost Your Mood This New Week

Mental Mondays: Feel Good Activities To Boost Your Mood This New Week


The new week is often welcomed with a somber mood. Once the clock ticks and Monday comes around, everyone seems uneasy. But rather than living in this cycle of displeasure and mood swings for five days a week (after all, your blissful experiences only happen on weekends), adopt feel good activities that’ll make every tick of the clock a truly rewarding one.

The work week requires extra discipline and commitment, taking the fun out of the relaxed state the weekend brought. But individuals who seem to breeze through it all understand how to make their week more productive, thus improving their happiness. With a few tips, you too can experience a satisfying new week, and Mondays don’t have to be dreadful.

Fun fact: There are people who actually love Mondays and the structure it brings to their week.

Why do we hate Mondays?

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  • Mondays signify the end of the weekend, which is usually a time for rest, relaxation, and leisure activities. The transition from this freedom to the structure and responsibilities of the workweek is seldom received with open arms.
  • After lounging all weekend, rising up early to act responsibly isn’t a favorite sport many would love to indulge in. The sudden change in schedule can disrupt sleep patterns and make waking up a chore.
  • If you’re one of those who throw your work phone under a rock on weekends, receiving emails on Monday reminding you of the overbearing workload wouldn’t sit well. In addition, the back-to-back meetings begin and the tasks we thought we were done with resurface to our utmost “surprise.”
  • Another reason we hate Mondays is the cultural narrative around it. Because Mondays have been termed unpleasant, it results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Simply put, if people expect Mondays to be bad, they often approach the day with a negative mindset.
  • If your job or daily activities are not fulfilling, Mondays will be an unwelcome reminder of this fact.
  • For the “lit weekend” gang, the realization that there are five more days until the next weekend can ruffle feathers. This transition back to a less social, more work-focused environment can be disheartening.

Try these feel good activities to boost your mood for the new week…

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Combating the Monday (and new-week) blues can involve strategies like planning enjoyable activities, preparing for the week on Sunday to reduce stress, and finding aspects of your job or routine that you look forward to. Here are more tips to try:

  • Start your day with a peaceful walk in nature. The fresh air and light exercise can boost your mood. It also helps clear your thoughts and puts your day into perspective.
  • Remember to meditate. This reduces stress and levels up your sense of self.
  • Gratitude sets us free from the tempting grasp of complaining. Spend a few minutes each day writing down things you’re grateful for–it can help shift your focus to the positive aspects of your life.
  • Flip through the pages of a good book whether fiction or non-fiction, reading can be a terrific escape and a good way to unwind.
  • Explore a new recipe or bake something you enjoy. The process of cooking can be therapeutic and rewarding for some.
  • Another tip to consider is exercise, which has been proven to boost our mood and make us feel lighter. Engage in a form of exercise you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, cycling, or dancing.
  • Physical activity releases endorphins, which can make you feel happier. Spend time on creative activities like painting, knitting, or playing a musical instrument. These can be fulfilling and a great way to express yourself.
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  • Call or meet up with friends or family members. In this era of cutting people off, keeping genuine social connections is still important. Make one of your feel good activities for the new week actual link-ups with humans who care.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite jams, and take some time to enjoy the tunes.
  • If you have access to a garden or indoor plants, spending time caring for them can be soothing.
  • My personal favorite is a good movie. Watch a movie or TV show that makes you laugh or feel inspired. Prioritize shows that bring you joy and rest.

Have a happy new week!

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